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The Pakistani Rose Grower Asif Ali Gohar and His Latest Innovation

Asif Ali Gohar, a Pakistani national, and a professional rose grower, has been successful in his most recent experimentation of crossbreeding roses. The father of two has been in the rose-growing industry for over a decade after joining the family-owned floral shop in Lahore, Pakistan. He is well-known in Pakistan’s rose-growing industry for his astounding contributions. His key interests include the introduction of new classifications of roses.


Asif Ali Gohar has recently made news headlines with his latest innovation. After numerous attempts in crossbreeding, he produced a magnificent new typology of floribunda roses, the Gohar rose.  The Gohar rose is a spectacular creation that impressed the rose growing industry worldwide. The entire nation of Pakistan was proud of Asif Ali Gohar for making a global achievement with the Gohar rose. It brought inspiration to the creative youth of Pakistan.


The Gohar rose is an interesting cross between the Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora. It took Asif multiple trials of experimentation to achieve promising results. According to him, although crossbreeding roses may seem like an exhausting challenge to many gardeners, it really goes down to patience, passion, and versatility. He never once complained about the lengthy process and continued his vision with great optimism.


The Gohar rose’s flowering period takes place around late autumn. The distinctive features of the Gohar rose has fascinated the citizens of Pakistan. Firstly, it’s blushing petals are said to be so luminous that it can light up any room. Its stem is much longer compared to conventional roses. It is interesting to note that although the Gohar rose is not as fragrant as its counterpart, but it certainly makes up for it based on its long-lasting nature. It only requires to be watered once a day and remains looking freshly picked for a decent period.


In fact, the Gohar rose has increased in popularity and demand beyond the city of Lahore in Pakistan. Neighboring cities across the country have communicated their interest through multiple wish lists and requests. It will not be too long until other countries jump on the bandwagon. While Asif’s floral shops does its best to keep up with the demand, he has identified the need to upsurge production and distribution. The good news is that there have been discussions of increasing distribution not only nationwide, but on a global scale as well. 


When Asif Ali Gohar was in the process of his latest development, he dreamed of the Gohar rose to be accessible in most households. Asif’s family-owned floral shop is known for its generosity, as they typically contribute to charitable institutions, and the reasonable price of the Gohar rose is another evidence of that. As Asif has said, “An enchanting flower must be presented in home gardens to inspire magnificence amongst us all.”


Today, Asif Ali Gohar continues to encourage innovation in everyone. The trend of innovation and creativity is on the rise in Pakistan, and Asif plays a major role due to revolutionary developments. He firmly believes in continuous improvement and teaches his ways to all the gardeners he works with. The Gohar rose was surely a successful achievement, but even then, Asif aspires to reach higher goals. Aside from rose growing, Asif Ali Gohar has already announced his upcoming projects related to crossbreed tulips. A modern classification of the Fosteriana Tulip is said to be created. The ambitious project may take several years until it is completed, but Asif’s dedication never fails. All in all, Asif Ali Gohar assures the people of Pakistan that he will continue to bring pride and development to the country through his roses.

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