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Zubair Shaikh established a successful hosting business with Rs 1500 and a bag full of courage

Zubair Shaikh

“All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them”

Each one of us have some dreams that we live for throughout our lives, some dreams are materialistic, others satiate our soul but one thing that is common with all of our dreams is the societal stand that ‘you should only have dreams that are feasible or more simply, in your reach’.

According to that different people have dreams varying with the kind of reach that they have, but there is always a segment of individuals who believe that our capacities and situations don’t define our dreams. One such personality is the real gully boy of Mumbai, Zubair Shaikh, who has been featured as a lyricist in multi-bagger songs such as T-series labelled song ‘Jism’ of the album ‘Luv ShuvPyaarVyaar’, co-lyricist in ‘Marhum’ by Dr. Reena Mehta.

But before making his entry into the Indian film industry, he had to overcome a host of hurdles, from funding his education to finally working with the top corporate projects of HDFC Bank, Aditya Birla, ICICI bank, LNT, Magma Finance, Yesbank and Fullerton India, his life seemed to have been running smooth. But his soul constantly reminded him of pursuing something bigger and something that he can drive on his own shoulders as a leader.

This is when the idea of starting ‘Hostlelo’, India’s one stop solution for high power and cheapest web hosting services gave birth on 1st April 2017 with a bang.

There has been tremendous growth since 2017 and it was immediately scaled after the pandemic when almost everyone was looking for a way to make some income online.

In today’s world, it is highly beneficial to have one’s own website if you’re anyone who works off the internet.

Running on the goal of achieving ‘customer satisfaction, ‘Hostlelo’ has acquired top ratings from it’s customers, talking about this Mr Zubair says,” Since childhood I found it difficult to make ends meet due to my financial background, when I grew up I was adamant to start something on my own but wasn’t able to get the exact thing that I could do to bring a change in people’s lives, after having worked as a developer for some time, I registered the burning need to provide an alternative to the highly priced web hosting and domains, that is  I understood that this will be my vision, slowly and gradually, as the word of mouth travelled to aspiring entrepreneurs, I received a lot of recognition from people who wanted to begin with a very small amount like I did, I am grateful to myself for having the coverage to start something would 1500 rupees, the journey has been incredible since then”.

“I can proudly say that I have helped people establish themselves and their business online, today ‘Hostlelo’ has performed beyond our expectations in terms of revenue but our priority have also been our customers who are given priority support in their website building journey by us” adds, Zubair Shaikh.

Talking about how the youth can take the first step towards the direction of making their dreams come true with financial constraints, Zubair adds,” I don’t think that there is anything called lack of resources, If you have an idea that you passionately feel for and a will to not give up, your dots will keep connecting and you will ultimately reach the place that you deserve to be at, all of this depends upon how much courage you have and your level of perseverance, today, a business can be started with the same amount of money which you spend eating out a single meal, it’s only about how you can make everything won, you have heard my story and it’s there, this is never impossible”.


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