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Zeyan Shafiq a Young Indian entrepreneur, Founder of KashBook CEO of Stalwart Music factory & Stalwart Esports

Zeyan shafiq

Zeyan Shafiq is a young Indian entrepreneur.Talking about his life, Zeyan Shafiq was born on 21 july 2002 in district Anantnag of J&K India. He has received his early education from Radiant School a private school in Anantnag, where he completed his matriculation. He completed his senior secondary from International School Rajouri J&K. Zeyan Shafiq is currently doing Bachelor’s in computer engineering from Delhi University.


On 26 April 2016, it was announced that authorities in Kashmir had announced a one-month-long ban on 22 social media services. These included the widely popular WhatsApp, Facebook, and even Twitter. The reason given was that these services were being misused by “anti-government elements”. However, “anti-government elements” weren’t the only ones affected. Everyone in Kashmir was. Zeyan Shafiq launched KashBook a Social Media platform which was developed by him when he was just 16 years old to tackle the social media ban in kashmir.


He in 2019 launched a music label named as Stalwart Music factory This music factory focused on uplifting young kashmiri musicians and to promote artists specifically from kashmir, This music label has released lot of hit songs till now. 


Zeyan Shafiq launched his own Esports Organisation named as Stalwart Esports in jan 2020. Stalwart Esports is a professional Esports organization, headquartered in India. The organization has scaled up in a very short time to become the most successful Esports organization in the country. With a vision to boost Esports ecosystem and to uplift talents, Stalwart Esports has structured teams in PUBGM, FreeFire, CODM, Clash Royale, PES. Stalwart Esports  became one among india’s premier esports organisation in a short span of time, this organisation focused on uplifting and curating gamers from india and participating in competitive gaming, he later moved overseas by introducing and collaborating with gamers from south asian countries) After massive success of Stalwart Esports he started Stalwart Events(An Esports Event management organisation which focused on hosting esports/competitive gaming tournaments in india and globally)


Zeyan Shafiq is keenly interested into crypto currencies and blockchain technology, he has been investing into crypto currencies since 2016, he keeps on travelling frequently to different places and keeps on posting luxury content on instagram. 


He has invested into various startup’s as well and is keenly interested in helping people start their own startups. Even though coming from a disputed area he has been scaling new heights everyday, his parents have been supporting him since his childhood and he always credits his success to his parents only. He is an inspiration to all those who have been trying to something of their own. He believes in “Skills Make Money, Money Makes Money”.

OHe is currently operating all of his startup’s from delhi only, but spends most of his time with his family in kashmir. He is the only kashmiri entrepreneur to have been featured in all national and international news portals.

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