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Youngest Alpha Male aka Gaurav Singh reveals about his chiseled physique

Youngest Alpha Male aka Gaurav Singh reveals about his chiseled physique

If versatility is ever a measure of your billing as one of the world’s top fitness specialists, India-based Gaurav Singh’s name will feature among the top. For starters, he’s got the numbers on his side: Gaurav Singh aka youngest alpha male has 15k+followers on his Instagram account. Then, he’s a professional fitness model and influencer, a certified advance fitness trainer, a nutrition specialist, strength and conditioning coach.

youngest Alpha male

youngest Alpha male



One look at his chiseled physique and you know that this guy actually practices what he preaches. Gaurav Singh (youngest Alpha male) also advises those suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, and more. He spreads the word on fitness through his videos on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms.


In a detailed conversation with DisruptMagazine, Gaurav reveals the secrets to his spectacularly chiseled physique, his mantras of life, and how we can achieve similar physical feats.


My diet contains high protein, moderate carbs, and moderate healthy fats on workout days. On my rest days, I take low protein, high carbs, and moderate fats.


For carbs: I eat sweet potatoes, oats, brown rice, quinoa, fruits, and vegetables.

For protein: I eat paneer, beans, lentil, milk, yogurt, whey protein.

For fats: I eat almonds, peanuts, cashews, peanut butter, chia seeds, flaxseeds,  avocado, and olive oil.


youngest Alpha male

youngest Alpha male


Do you always stick to your diet?

I don’t have any fixed ‘cheat’ days as such, and I usually eat clean throughout the year. If I ever feel like eating anything other than my normal meal, I opt for pizza or ice cream.


Do you work out every day? Do you have a fixed schedule for each session?

I work out in the evening for 1-1.5 hours, six days a week. I do strength and endurance training based on my goals, with lots of supersets, giant sets with short rest periods.

Abs: Thrice a week

Cardio: Thrice a week

I rest one day a week, but over the weekend, I like to go hiking or swimming.


What about protein shakes and supplements? Do you think they are harmful to the body?

Supplements mean dietary products that are important for the human body. We don’t get all the nutrients through our diet on a daily basis, which can cause deficiencies later. There are no side effects because of taking supplements unless you already have a pre-existing medical condition.


Have there been instances when you thought you should just take it easy and not work out so much?

Never. Not in my book.


Do you think it is important to change one’s workout routine once in a while to keep up interest levels?

Yes it is necessary to change your routine once every 2-3 months otherwise our body hits a plateau, which stops the body from producing results.


youngest Alpha male

youngest Alpha male


Do you have any fundamental rules for working out which you never forget?

Never go 3 days without exercise

Workout at least 3 days a week

Never give up


Did you decide to work hard on your fitness to get admiration from friends/family or for your own self-confidence?

I have never done things to please others. My motto is to learn and teach others. I have always been keen to learn new things. I believe knowledge is power and if I keep it to myself, then there is no point. I spread awareness and share what I know.


How vital is it to have a proper fitness trainer?

All beginners need a fitness trainer to make sure that they can understand the correct weight lifting forms, ranges, tempo, volume, density, techniques which help the individual to build a proper foundation.


What are 20 healthy homemade meals/snacks for cutting down on fat/losing weight?

  1. Scrambled eggs and toast
  2. Boiled eggs and milk
  3. Chicken and rice
  4. Chicken and salad
  5. Lentil soup
  6. Whey protein peanut butter banana smoothie
  7. Fish and vegetables
  8. Paneer and vegetables
  9. Tofu and vegetables
  10. Protein pancake
  11. Protein cupcake
  12. Roasted chickpeas and green tea
  13. Mixed fruit salad
  14. Bean Corn Bowl
  15. Low-fat Milk and Nuts
  16. Greek Yogurt
  17. Oats
  18. Homemade protein bar
  19. Fiber cereals with almond milk/soy milk
  20. Fresh carrot-beet root juice and Almonds


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