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Young entrepreneur Shreyam Shukla is an efficient multi-tasker, know-how!

Shreyam Shukla

There are various things an entrepreneur can do to ensure they are multitasking perfectly. Multitasking is all about getting jobs done by various people on time, which needs to be handled creatively. Shreyam Shukla, an Ahmedabad based young and enthusiastic entrepreneur and a proud owner of Decaf Enterprise who is currently soaring high on success is leaving no stone unturned in setting his best foot forward. Currently 18, Shreyam kickstarted his career during his teenage and all the credit goes to his passion and dedication towards the e-commerce and fashion industry.

One of the many qualities possessed by Shreyam is being an efficient multitasker. Despite the fact that Shreyam is an entrepreneur he manages to multitask various aspects of his business venture and aces each one of them perfectly. Here’s what he has to share about multitasking in his way.

1. Make a To-do List

The first step to effective multitasking is having a plan or setting goals. You can’t “just wing it” and hope that your goals will be reached and your tasks will be completed to the best of your abilities and with optimal focus. Multitasking isn’t effortless, and it takes succinct and well-thought-out planning to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. A great place to start is with a to-do list. Give yourself a period of time to perform the task.

2. Set priorities

Setting priorities is the best predictor of success. If you manage to balance work and play, you will learn how to do this effortlessly

3. Divide Your Time

There are certain tasks that you should include among your core responsibilities. “Devote a fixed time of the day – perhaps the first couple of hours of the workday – to finishing these, as they take importance. The important work shouldn’t be compromised on.

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