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Young Digital Expert – Mohd Awais Shares Useful Tips on SEO

Mohd Awais could be young but his competence in digital marketing is par as a pro. Although he has no background in this field as he comes from the textile business. His brand Sense Textiles is popular in the fabric market. He has dealt with his venture at par and soon while thinking of promoting on the web made him explore digital marketing. He left no stone unturned to explore this subject to get an edge and today he has been the guide and mentor for many things like search engine optimization, SMO and other things under digital marketing.

Some of his key tips on SEO include the following:

Use the keywords at the right place – The first tip he gives is to search and research keywords that are relevant to your niche and page you have on the internet. Then start using them at the right places. It will help in ranking your site. Check keywords for each content and start using them.

Check your website design – You need to check your website design, it has to be clear and intuitive apart from being updated one. You need to check the navigation and make it smooth and simple so that it becomes a well structured one. Search engines love to rank such sites that are smooth to navigate.

Check your URLs – You need to place your primary keywords in your page URL. This will help in making your site look organized and optimized for the targeted keywords. It is recommended to target one keyword at one time for one URL and so on. At the same time, you need to keep your urls address, simple, relevant and descriptive.

Work on your content- Make sure you produce relevant and to the par content using the keywords at the right place. Updated content with relevance to your niche can attract search engines to make them visible in different search results

Chalk out a powerful Digital Marketing Strategy – An effective digital marketing solution comes when you think of having a powerful digital marketing strategy. Every marketing action you have should have a strategy then only can succeed. Develop one and then drive the sales.

Keep Your Digital Marketing Strategy Relevant – Once you chalk out your digital marketing strategy, you need to know one thing in your mind clear and straight – make it relevant. You need to make your strategy to be a living document as per your new information.

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