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Yogesh (Chinu), the girl from Uttar Pradesh touching heights being the literary sensation


My name is Yogesh and Nickname is Chinu. I’m a girl I am from Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

I am not very educated. In today’s era, people do not judge you by your ability but by your studies, whereas I do not believe so. Because I have seen many well-educated idiots in this world. That’s why people should know by his ability and not by studies.

I always have the urge to try something new. The desire to learn is always there in me. That’s why I never sit down and keep learning something new. And I have a dream to become self-reliant which I want to fulfill. I have learned sewing, beautician, designing, painting, art-crafting, electrician…..

Girls are always underestimated, some call them weak and some just want to imprison them in their homes. Does the boy start feeding you as soon as he comes, which the girl does not earn? Whereas only the girl is more intelligent than the boy and starts working at an early age. To give more importance to boys which is not right in my view. The girl also has her own thinking, she also has dreams, some dreams which she wants to fulfill. But no one understands this. Everyone only imposes their will on him, no one even asks him his wish. Doesn’t he have the right to live as he pleases? Can’t she fulfill her dreams…? God has also sent him to fulfill some of his dreams in this world. God has given her the understanding of right and wrong, she also knows what is right and what is wrong for her. That’s why there should not be any discrimination between a boy or a girl, everyone is equal, they have the right to live according to their own will.

That is why I believe that whether a boy or a girl, everyone should be self-sufficient.

I do writing, the effort remains here to write the truth, what I see, I feel, I write there. I have written my first solo book called “Sachchi Baatein Chinu”. It is launched on 15 June 2021. In this I have written my experience in which you will be able to read the whole journey of life. In this I have written quotes & poetry. In which success, failure, truth, faith, women, men, simplicity, everything is written in it. Whatever I saw, heard, felt, all that I have written in it.

I have worked in 600 Anthology books as co-author. I have written more than 1300 quotes. I am not very educated and written… that is why I do not know how to write deeply, but whatever I write, I write from the heart and in simple words. Which reached the hearts and minds of the people. If they like it, the writer’s job is to put the mind of the people on paper with his pen. Some people who are unable to say their point of view to someone, the writer writes the same thing in front of the people. The writer is the one who can read the mind of the people and please the mind of the people.

I have won 15 awards in writing.

My Award –

Inspiring Youth Award,
Standing Ovation Awards,
Attainers Award
My Achievement Award,
Opus Talent Award,
Rising Star Award,
Utkalika Best Debut Author Award,
Forever Star Record Award
Digital pageant award
Dream Award
Prestigious Literary Award
The Social Tape (open mic)
Achiever of the year award
The Real Super Women Award
Aloha Best Debut Author Award
India’s Top 100 Authors Award

I did my first performance in open mic in Delhi. For The Social Tape at Artbuzz Studio.

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