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Writer and a Teacher, Shiny Benjamin titled as “Ms. Jovial” in Feminarc award by AwardsArc


Sprinkling happiness everytime over and over again makes us happy.
Feminarc Awardee, Shiny Benjamin is the one to prove it right.
AwardsArc titled her “Ms. Jovial” for her loving nature and the acceptance she holds as a human. We are proud to call her a, Wonder Woman.

Awards are something which motivates one to work more harder, it is something which nourishes a good job. The main motive of awardsarc is to motivate people, help them to grow and inspire others who really want to come up and prove themself in different fields.

This time AwardsArc focused on the real strength of a Woman, their Willingness and Sentiment towards their workspace.
We got amazing divas across the world, and one of them was Shiny Benjamin.

Shiny Benjamin is a teacher by profession at Carmel School, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh and a hardworking Writer by passion. She has been working in Carmel School since eight years and has learnt a lot from this school. She has seen herself growing from a girl to a woman in these eight years, and this time has made her a better person in life.
She started writing when she was pursuing her Bachelors. She has a dynamic and charismatic personality which tends her to have a clear vision in life. She is an independent woman who loves penning poems and want that her writing should leave a deep mark on the mind and hearts of people and eventually she wants to be an inspiration for others.

“Like a landmark stand to signify its presence in the world, likewise she too wants to be as landmark in the field of writing”.
Her writing always speak more of her feelings
with whom anyone can connect.

“Be a trend setter and not a trend follower”
“Be the change and see the change in others”
These two are her favourite quote ​because these tells us to have our own perspective in our lives.
To show the world that one person can bring difference in the society, in different working fields, in the life of others too. We should be different from the crowd if we want to make our own identity. Copying other will never make your character outshine, she further says that if we want to achieve something we need to work hard and think out of the box.

She has been a co-author in many anthologies and has won awards for her literary works.
Her works are as follows
1) Is it lockdown ya humari zindagi hai locked down
2) A walk down the lane
3) Daffodils
4) love Me Tomorrow
5) Wild Knows your name
6) Quilling Thoughts
7) Eccentric Humans
8) Power of Tradition
9) Scrivere Bellissimo
10) Garden of reminiscence

She has been awarded by:
1) She Award 2021 ( Women Empowerment)
2) Most deserving Award 2021 (Best writer of the year)
3) Prestigious Literary Award
4) Chosen Ones Awards
5) Golden Arc Awards
By AwardsArc.

It is always been a journey of surprises to her and she is much more ready to face them in ahead future.

We might see Shiny growing and uplifting thr flag of woman empowerment ahead.

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