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Woovly: A solution offering networking with reason


Woovly is a social commerce platform that centers around advancing and selling Direct 2 Purchaser (D2C) brands that are into Beauty and Personal care. Woovly assists with launching these brands, to expand their content interaction and develop their business.

They help clients and potential customers to shop through brand-labeled user-generated content and to develop shopping requests.

The vast majority is inclined towards online shopping because of their bustling lives and the pandemic has made digitalization in each field a need. Woovly facilitates individuals to make an online presence and make individuals mindful of their image essentially through substance advertising.

Woovly engages D2C brands to drive deals while diminishing their expense of sales.

Clients of woovly make brand labeled substance around items they utilize and devour utilizing its artificial intelligence innovation. Today, India has roughly 696.77 million web clients, of whom many are amateurs who have gradually begun adjusting to the new purchasing behavior of web-based shopping.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the organizers of Woovly are Venkat J, who is the CEO and Neha Suyal, who is the co-founder of the organization. Neha did her engineering and worked in the corporate arena for 5+ years prior to turning into an entrepreneur while Venkat J is one of the founding members of Quess Corp.


Remarking on their working model of social business, Venkat says, “Woovly has reliably strived to investigate the verticals which better serves our benefactors. The D2C model that we have conveyed causes us to proceed with our tasks easily while just giving the best-in-the-business answers to our clients. We have seen the numbers flooding since we brought this model into the market and are anticipating its development in the coming years.”


The entire stage is stuck along with calculations that work in the background to interface individuals with content, others with comparative interests and specialist organizations to satisfy their necessities. Along these lines, it advances system administration and assembles solid relational bonds driven by a typical interest.

D2C brands are mainstream as they are buyer-driven and purchasers are inclined towards it. Individuals run to web-based media for various purposes like diversion, systems administration and involvement in their favored brands. As individuals invest a ton of energy in social media, the inclination to shop online has likewise expanded. The increment in shopping on the web expands the deals consequently and the necessity of Social Business stages is additionally popular. Subsequently, this has made an extraordinary possibility for D2C brands to develop.

In an enormous local area of 3.5+ Million clients, and an influencer base of 14,000, Woovly chips away at a plan of action that intently works with impending, specialty marks by making content for them in the arrangement of short recordings where the influencers share their surveys and proposals of utilizing the brand’s items. They increase the reach and sales of D2C brands just as well as build a natural development for the brands. Another favorable position of experiencing Woovly is that the brands are made accessible with information in regards to their buyer’s standard of conduct which turns into an influence for them to improve, improvise and build long lasting associations with them.


Brands are likewise furnished with constructive criticism which allows the potential client to collaborate with a brand prior to making a purchase subsequently permitting a brand to remain ahead by giving fulfilling and better brand insight to their shoppers. They assist individuals with making brand-labeled substance around items they utilize and devour utilizing their AI technology.

Neha Suyal, CTO and COO, Woovly said “Here we have, one client who motivates the other to shop socially, all at a single tick. Woovly engages regular clients to be remunerated for the content they make, and offer while serving in as free influencers for their favorite brands, and items,”

Woovly’s coordinated effort is presently numbered at 60+ D2C brands. By March 2021, they are hoping to join forces with 150+ D2C brands to assist them with producing leads and sales through their AI brand labeled user-generated SHOPPABLE substance.

I’m connecting their website so you can experience the equivalent and I’m additionally connecting their social media handle with the goal that you can remain associated with the most recent contributions.

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