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Why Dunzo Clone-The Hyperlocal Delivery App Is Critical To Revitalizing Your Business

Dunzo clone

Remember when countries began going into lockdowns to prevent a rise in infections, and  consumers got into a frenzy and began stocking on toilet paper of all things? That was before the steady yet perpetual rise of online delivery services. Out of the many applications that shot to fame, there was one that was turning heads in South Asia. 

Dunzo, the hyperlocal delivery service app is making huge waves in the on-demand services field. This robust application which is primarily used to deliver all kinds of food, medicine, and grocery related products has become a household name. But one might ask, it’s just food and grocery delivery, right? What’s the big deal? Have a look at these statistics to understand what the hype is about. 

  • As a startup, Dunzo reported total revenue of $3.5 million in FY19.
  • In September 2020, Dunzo received a funding of $28 million from Google and Lightstone fund, Series E.
  • Dunzo has over 75,000 stores on the platform and the number of deliveries has grown 2.5X to 3X.
  • In 2020, the company has been serving 2.5 million deliveries. 

Not only customers but several grocery and delivery stores are also being benefited by the services of these apps. So let me just cut to the chase. If you are a startup or a business owner looking for a profitable business venture, or you own a grocery line and need a streamlined process for delivery, a Dunzo Clone is the superlative choice. 

Here’s why a Dunzo clone is going to benefit your business venture

  • People are always looking for the easy route. And apps like Dunzo make it very convenient for customers. With just the tap of a few buttons, an entire week’s groceries can reach home in just minutes. Consumers like it when they don’t have to put in the effort for things that usually take some. That’s where your Dunzo Clone will score. 
  •  Since the pandemic, more people who did not previously prefer online grocery shopping began to do so. About 31% of US consumers only used food and grocery delivery apps for their needs. Digital grocery sales in the US are expected to reach $59.5 billion in 2023.
  • An important aspect that contributes to the success of a venture is the brand name. Take a common example like Amazon. Just because it is an established name in the online shopping industry, people don’t hesitate to make use of their services. A Dunzo clone will give you the opportunity to get your brand out there and increase visibility. 
  • Efficiency in business is immensely important. A business that does not operate with adeptness is sure to crumble. Sort of like a headless chicken. A Dunzo clone is sure to improve the efficiency of any company because it has a streamlined workflow that is foolproof. 
  • Investing in a Dunzo Clone is an added revenue stream for your business. More so if you are running a store/grocery line. After COVID-19 ravaged and completely changed market dynamics, there has been a shift in consumer preferences. They are now shopping more locally, mindfully, and digitally. Business owners such as yourself need to capitalize on this shift by investing in a Dunzo Clone which is sure to gain you high returns.

Having said that, have a look at how the workflow of the Dunzo Clone is designed so as to picture how you will be providing for your customers.

  • Users can log in to the app using their phone numbers or email addresses.
  • On the search bar, they can type in and look for the product they wish to purchase.
  • The app will generate a list of stores that hold the required product. Customers must choose whichever store they prefer based on personal preferences like price, locality, etc.
  • The chosen items are added to the cart and then processed for checkout.
  • From there, users can pay for the items and then type in their addresses for delivery.
  • Once that is done, store owners are notified of the purchase after which they get the order ready for delivery.
  • The delivery driver will reach the store and pick up the products for delivery.
  • The items are then delivered to the users who will then rate the service and share feedback.

The Pandemic Scare

A BBC study revealed that Google searches for food and grocery delivery hit a peak in the month of April. Because of current circumstances, the Dunzo clone is equipped with preventive and safety precautions to ensure customer safety. Some of these extra features include

  • No contact delivery 
  • Regular temperature checks
  • No cash on delivery
  • Picture confirmation
  • Hotspot Locator

It is quite apparent that investing in a Dunzo Clone right now when this industry is lucrative will be a rational choice. There are several freelance developers and app development companies who can develop a Dunzo clone from scratch or provide a Dunzo Clone script which can then be customized and personalized to suit your business needs. Do not hesitate to take your first step. We don’t need another pandemic to revitalize your business strategies.

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