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Which precautionary measures to follow in the first month after hair transplant?

The hair transplant procedure is the one, from whom you cannot expect to experience the results unless the recovery phase is not over. The doctors who are accountable for carrying out the hair transplant in Bangalore have enlisted the following precautionary measures which the patients are required to follow in the first month after they have undergone the hair transplant procedure.

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Do not tamper with the transplanted hair

The transplanted hair is still weak (in the first month), so the individual should not consider doing any kind of tampering like touching the transplanted hair, combing or experiencing anything on them without consulting the doctor. If you do not follow this precautionary measure, then there are 100% chances for the transplanted hair to get dislodged from its position.



Take care of the dietary habits

When it is about the recovery phase, then it is quintessentially important to take dietary habits into account. The patient undergoing the hair transplant procedure should not consider anything junk, spicy or fried. A healthy diet should be followed which will include green vegetables and fresh fruits.


Stay away from strenuous activities and exercise

You are instructed to stay away from strenuous activities and exercises as these will lead to sweat. The sweating is not at all good for your scalp as the grafts may lose their position for settling in the scalp.


Do not wash or oil your hair

For the very first month or during the initial two weeks, you should neither wash nor oil your hair. Even after a month, you should first consult the doctors and then consider washing or oiling the hairs.


Do not go out in the sun

If your job demands you to be in the sun the whole day long, like if you are a marketing guy, then it is better to take some days off from work.

If there is some sort of urgency or an emergency, then first of all cover your head or the hair with a scarf and then go out. The impact of the harmful UV rays on the scalp and the transplanted hair is not considered good.


Do not use any hair styling tool

I know, you can’t wait any longer to style the hair as per your choice. But the fruit of patience is sweet. You have to wait for some more time, at least for the initial month. So in this phase, you should not consider using any kind of hair styling tool.


Do not take the stress

Stress is the biggest enemy of medical and cosmetic treatments as it does not let the desirable results come to existence. So to obtain the maximum benefit of the recovery phase, you should say  TA-TA to stress.


Bottom Line

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