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Which measures should you follow to maintain the best bone and joint health?

When it is about the bone and the joint health, then the ayurvedic approaches are the best that aim at the maintenance of the bone and the joint health. According to an ayurvedic doctor in Punjab, “The health of the bones and the joints can only be maintained if the individual keeps on doing regular movements and is following a great schedule for the diet.”  In case, the individual is bothered with some problem of the bones and the joints, then instead of approaching the medical help, he should consider visiting the ayurvedic hospital in Punjab.

The following are the ways which are usually suggested to the bone and the joint disease afflicted patients.


Keep on doing movements in the body

There is one rule for the maintenance of joint health and that is doing regular movements. If you keep on doing movements in your body, then there are quintessentially lower chances for you to suffer from fatigue. In case you feel extreme joint pain when you are sitting in one place, then you must consider changing your position. Also, when you are sitting for prolonged hours doing something like watching TV or reading a book, then make sure that you are changing your positions regularly.


Try Light Impact Exercise

According to the experts, if you keep on doing regular exercise then the health of the joints I’ll always be maintained. However when you are in pain, then you should not consider doing hard exercises such as the following:

  • Gymnastics
  • Running
  • Swimming



Amla is considered one of the superfoods which are accountable for strengthening your bones. It is rich in vitamin C. This is the main reason that in India, the people are so fir and even in their old age they do not suffer from any kind of the none of the point problem.



Garlic is one of the foods that are quintessentially rich in the following:

  • Sulphur
  • Flavonoids
  • arginine
  • Selenium

When the bulb of the garlic is either chopped or crushed, then the bioactive compounds of the garlic are formed from allicin.



Turmeric which the Indians know by the name of the Haldi is the kind of herb that has many medical benefits. It is not only rich in antioxidants, but it is the storehouse of the following:

  • Analgesic
  • Anti Inflammatory


The massage of the essential oils

According to the various ayurvedic practitioners, the bones and the joints can be maintained healthy if they are massaged with the essential oils. Massaging with the essentials ensures that the bones and joints are getting the nutrients directly.


Bottom Line

If you want to know more about such ayurvedic tips on how you can maintain bone and joint health, then please let us know. We have a lot of information which we would like to share with you.


Also, it is suggested that if you want to maintain bone and joint health, then you should start intaking amla and turmeric daily.

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