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What I Can Honestly Share About Being On Social Media (Almost) All The Time with Vicky Llerena

True story : I was watching the American Meme on @netflix where it showcased the rise to fame of some of the mega social influencers today .


As a content creator and brand builder enthusiast, I’m always super conscious on creative story telling on all my social platforms ( 😬 especially my IG & FB stories). If YOU are a content creator I know YOU can relate to this feeling : the constant brainstorming sessions 👌‼️that occur in our heads . Our creative juices flow and we are obsessed with constantly creating new content for our followers 🙏🙌


But the one thing that sickened me the most is that some of these influencers ( not all!) expressed a depressive and lonely life and validation for them only occurred on social media .

It made me think that this mindset can definitely depress anyone to either create online validation or shut out social media completely!!


In all honesty, yes social media can become obsessive and vanity metrics can screw with your mind ( if you are a content creator , you can relate )


So I will challenge myself to be more conscious with my social platforms . I will challenge myself to promote more conscious driven messages that promote motivation , industry knowledge and brand empowerment . 💯


I love that I can connect with people whom I’ve never met when they engage with my posts. It’s the reason why I share pieces of my life with you all . .

But I also accept the reality of social : the trolls, the foolish DMs, the privacy concerns.

Yet,I choose to empower through social ,share my knowledge on the industry, collab with rock star influencers ,create purpose driven messages.

I refuse to adapt that depressive mindset on social media and instead , use platforms to influence purpose 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #2019goals

Vicky has served as host, presenter, panelist, and workshop speaker for several private entities and entrepreneurial organizations teaching the methods of social media branding and online lead generation. In September 2017, Llerena was named Top 25 Brand Builder by Leading Women Entrepreneur, a prestigious award recognizing women brand builders in New Jersey. Her team was recognized by NJBIZ (2017) as an influential Latino-Millenial media agency in New Jersey. The Real Estate Disruptor -- her most recent collaborative project -- launched this summer of 2019 with creator and co-host Ralph Dibugnara. The organization serves as a hub for real estate agents looking to grow and scale their business . Her articles have been featured in NJBiz, Huffington Post, CEO Blog Nation, and many more media outlets. Oh yes, and she happens to be Latina.

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