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Wajid shaikh: The poet of Love,Philosophy and Darkness

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Article on wajid shaikh,Poet of love,philosophy and darkness

Wajid shaikh,A young prominent and upcoming urdu poet from indore india, he addressed as the poet of love philosophy and darkness,A young prominent and upcoming urdu poet from indore,winning millions of heart with his poetries,well i am literature student and i am quite obbesed with poets,and when i read and hear his poetries i feel connected towards him

Apart from this everyone wanted to know his love story but he always denied to answer,he dont want to remember that pain and grief of sepration again,in his many ghazals he mentioned many sleepless night and tragedies which happened with him,and found himself in great depression,now he is healing the world with his soothing words and poetries

Wajid was born born on 20 August,in Indore,India,His zodiac sign is Leo,he did his graduation in Architecture and Structure Engeering,apart from this he always attracted towards to writings and poetries,he wrote severals Nazams, And ghazals before his graduation,after heartbreak his words became the soul and words of every shattered lover,His writing are not normal as we think,he getting dignastic love for his writings and his helping nature,the pain of sepration and daily life struggles are mentioned in his poetries,And his relationship with his Moon is still oracle mystery,apart from this he mentioned some mysterious shadows in his ghazals and he quite famous for his sufi poetries

His name ‘Wajid shaikh‘ Become a remark for poetry lovers he write exact words what we feel and want to express , he write very gently,and giving his voice to Couplets
There are multitude shers and ghazals when its come to wajid shaikh one of the most popular poetry was Hoti rahegi mulaaktein tumse

Love is the most beautiful emotion of all, but not everyone is lucky to receive it back. One experiences an-indescribable pain when a lonely heart aches for someone who will never feel the same for you. You long to hold the hand that-will never reach out for you and your heart silently suffers through the-pangs of loneliness. The agony of unrequited love is indescribable, which also makes it a favourite topic for writers and poets.

Here are some hauntingly beautiful shayaris and couplets for the love that could never be your ,and there are thousands shers and couplets which was written by him but here we mention his top t creations

1. Hoti rahegi mulaakatein tumse nigaaho se durr ho dil se nahi

2. Gairo ki baato mein itna aitbaar na laaya kar,dil ki sun kabhi phir dimaag lagaaya kar

3. Mere saath mera chaanf bhi dooba hai phir,mera dil kahi veeraniyo mein jaakar baith gaya

4. Khamoshi bhi ek awaaz hai,jo rooh ko sunaai padhti hai

6. Mera kon tha kon hone se raha,tera jo bane jesa bane teri amaanat rahe.

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