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Virtual Reality: The New Way of Doing Business With Kinemagic

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Due to our new methods of doing business brought on by COVID-19, video chat software companies are popping up left and right and reformatting their products to suit the needs of our new work culture.  There has been a massive increase in video chat usage across the world. There are new trends that continue to surface in our modern world of technology (you can find a comprehensive article here). Of the list of new and exciting technologies, virtual reality has started to make its way across many different industries.


The Power of Immersive Experience

Utilizing Virtual Reality as a meeting space completely redefines what telecollaboration is.  Instead of watching a meeting host through a screen with little to no personal interaction, participants can virtually be sitting in the same room with them.  Being in an immersive environment transforms the participants’ experience.  Immerse is such a compelling word and is used to represent the most powerful experiences. Immersive experience has a prominent place, even in the world of fine art.  There is the Immerse art festival that has every attendee surrounded by visual and performing arts.  This experience transforms the attendees’ impression of the art world, just as using virtual reality as an immersive tool can change a client’s perception of a product or demonstration.  It is said that immersive experience is the future of marketing.  Many industries are adopting this tool to enhance and increase their business.

Virtual Reality and Collaborative Meetings

The utilization of virtual reality for team meetings or sales meetings is a game-changer.  By using VR software in a sales meeting, clients are experiencing a more authentic demonstration than if it were to be through images and writings.  This can increase the connection and trust with the company, which improves business by gaining more clients and retaining them, not to mention the money that is saved on travel expenses.  By implementing VR software, companies will no longer need to fly people around the world for product demonstrations or facility walkthroughs.

Sophisticated VR Software in the Heavy Industrial Development and Architecture

Stratus is a software that allows the input of very intricate CAD designs to create a virtual representation of buildings before production, making it possible for the user to enter the space to see and make needed changes virtually.  It is also used to train employees by showing the layout of an entire facility before arrival. It is a powerful software utilized by the massive industrial development community, transforming their efficiency.  By using this software, training time can be cut down significantly, and it can enhance performance.  Other industries that can use this type of software are real estate and architecture.  By having VR models of the homes they are selling, touring, or building allows clients to see a home without commuting and even before construction.

Creating a Comprehensive Story with VR in Journalism and Travel

Journalists are also utilizing virtual reality to create an immersive space for their stories with audio and visuals to give their audience a comprehensive experience of what they would otherwise only be reading about.  VR can have an impact on tourism and travel as well.  Virtual reality is making it possible for people to see a vacation spot before they arrive.  This tends to give the vacationers just enough information to make a connection with the destination and, as a result, makes the location more appealing for clients.

Virtual Reality versus Video Chat

Virtual reality is extending into a variety of new industries due to our global shift to working from home.  VR provides a greater sense of collaboration and gives spatial context that you would otherwise lack using video chat alone. The president of Kinemagic offers a great explanation of the difference between the two. “Video calls are two-dimensional; virtual reality meetings are beyond three-dimensional and move into immersive environments that the company can choose.  It’s the difference between seeing a photo of a statue or seeing the statue itself,” said Brian Lozes, Kinemagic’s CEO and founder. Virtual reality is becoming a new way of conducting business.  From marketing and sales to medical and military, VR is being utilized by countless industries, and it is resulting in a positive impact on the companies bringing more success and through money and time savings.  We are in the digital era, and virtual reality is our next frontier.

I am a physician and career entrepreneur. After studying medicine, I founded a social media marketing agency and a fitness equipment company as well as direct a non profit. My goal is to inspire others to achieve their dreams and create the freedom in their life that they know is within reach. I host a podcast Mentors Collective to interview some of my favorite business minds.

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