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Videographer, Josiah Begley, Shares How He’s Building One Of The Fastest Growing Content Agencies In The World.

Josiah Begley is the founder of Kings Of Content, a firm that strives to create affordable videos without compromising on quality. The name king of content defines his art of videography and advertisement. 

Josiah also places optimum priority on customer service and ensures that he does his part in transforming society; he does by educating individuals who want to learn how to advertise and earn an income straight from their mobile devices. 

Making a difference 

Over the years, Josiah has dedicated an ample amount of time to grow and nurture his skills. However, that on of on is merely enough. He had to cultivate the habit of delegating work, and during this process, he learned to lead.

Josiah shares that the benefits that come along with delegating work are worth it. Once you delegate work, you have more time to plan and take your business to the next level.  

Overcoming Obstacles

Entrepreneurs face a lot of obstacles. Obstacles such as criticism, client acquisition, and product delivery. 

For Josiah, management was his biggest obstacle. It was hard to balance up. He had to get accustomed to getting tons of opportunities within a month and handling each one effectively. 

There were crazy deadlines that he had to meet and relationships that he had to maintain. It felt like his whole world was coming down on him. 

At some point, Josiah took some time to reflect on his life and business. It was at that time; he realized his mistakes. Immediately, Josiah started delegating tasks to individuals capable of delivering high-quality videos and content. He built a team around these individuals, and today has created a unique brand with them.

Building A Successful Brand

Josiah has been in the content creation business for eight years, and he has seen significant success. He shares with us that to be successful, you should never compare your progress with that of others. 

You should only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. It’s great to have people that you look up to, but don’t be a copy-cat. To be successful, you have to be uniquely known.

Principles for success

To be successful, Josiah believes that you have to exhibit two things; commitment and passion. 

You have to be committed without a single ounce of doubt in your mind. If you’re committed, you won’t falter when tough times arise. And being passionate about your work will yield the best results in times when you feel overwhelmed- your passion will continue to drive you forward.

Apart from having these two traits, Josiah suggests you get a mentor; mentors will guide you during the process and bring value to your work. You cannot know everything yourself; mentors will teach you better than you can ever teach yourself.

Drawing Inspiration 

Everyone has something that drives them to do remarkable feats. That feeling that gives us the required motivation we need to set out on daring adventures; we call it inspiration.

Josiah’s inspiration comes from Jesus Christ. Each day, the thought of impacting the world the way Jesus did drives home to success. 

“Being able to help people in need whenever they come to me gives me whatever push I need to achieve success.” – Josiah

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