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Vasaav Jain – The Indian Social Media Emperor

Vasaav Jain is the emperor of the Indian social media market with a total base of 100 million loyal followers spread across different platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Discord & Twitter. After completing his schooling at K.R. Mangalam World School he entered the social media market when he realized how dire people are to grow their following online. Doing so, He has built a name for himself and is generating revenue too!

Due to this, his circle of influence has gone up many notches and there has been a rise in a number of followers. And what should one do to become a popular social media influencer? Vasaav advises, “Invest in yourself. Take risks. Learn from mistakes or at least, show regret working along with one who does.”

However, he makes it clear that before getting influenced by the glamorous side of social media blogging, youngsters should create a sturdy base for themselves, which they can fall back upon.

Founder of Wewhost ( and Zooxper Media & Marketing, two specialized web hosting and marketing firms.

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