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Varun & Shivam-The Youngest Digital Entrepreneurs In The World

youngest digital entrepreneurs in the world
zzonic media

Meet the two Youngest Digital Entrepreneurs In The World – Varun & Shivam who are the founder of the best digital marketing agency in India, ZZONIC MEDIA. Their company provides services like web designing, social media marketing, lead generation and many more.

Due to their lot of hard work, patience, consistency, and belief in their work, they build the 6 – figure Marketing agency within the time period of 8 months.

They are the inspiration to the youth as they proved that ‘if you have the will and passion for something, you can achieve anything in this world and nothing is impossible in today’s digital world.

According to them, it’s easy to start the business in today’s world but it’s not easy to grow and survive within the market unless and until you do not have proper knowledge of digital and online marketing as these are the keys to success for each and every business of the world. They said that with the growing technology, digital marketing is going to succeed to the highest point of the world.

Also, a drastic change has taken place, the so-called traditional marketing is not able to meet the needs of today’s business world and now it is almost been replaced by digital marketing.

That’s why they want to pass a message to each and every person in the world to enroll in this growing industry of digital marketing as soon as possible so that they don’t lack behind and become self-dependent because this is the only industry in the world that has created young entrepreneurs, like us

Their journey begins in their school life where they first came to know about blogging. At the age of 15, they started writing fitness and automobiles blogs where they slowly started gaining knowledge about Social media marketing, SEO, Facebook and Google ads, etc.

By the age of 17, they begin with their freelancing career and at the time of 18, they become a professional freelancer in digital marketing. Then they decided to require their freelance business into a digital marketing agency named ZZONIC MEDIA.


At first, their parents had not supported them as they do not believe in their work and always opposed them. Also, they told them to consider their studies more instead of doing these stuff because according to them they can’t get a decent job if they keep on doing this stuff but their strong determination, believe and passion towards digital marketing has taken them to the road of success which makes their parents shocked as they couldn’t even imagine it before.

Varun and ShivamThe youngest digital Entrepreneurs in the world“-

They have achieved the title of Youngest digital Entrepreneurs in a very very less time span. From their expertise and advance knowledge in digital marketing, they helped in developing many businesses and brands.

Their company ZZONIC MEDIA is becoming a leading brand in India and the best digital marketing agency in India.

Now their aim is to digitalize all small businesses before 2021 and aware the youth about the scope of digital marketing.

They also decided to launch a web learning platform where they will teach the students about the scope of digital marketing and it’s importance.

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