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Vance Fundora Is Bracing Up To Take The Speaking Industry By Storm

Successful entrepreneur Vance Fundora is the founder of Fundora enterprises, an agency that helps businesses and brands all over the world achieve their marketing objectives through strategic and tailored marketing campaigns. 

In a recent meetup with Vance, he motioned that in 2020 he will be diversifying into the speaking industry. This might sound like a big leap; Why would an individual who’s already achieved tons of success in the digital marketing industry venture into a speaking career?

Well, In this article, Vance reveals his plans and goals for the coming decade to us. Let’s have a look;

Why The Speaking Industry?

For clarification, Vance isn’t leaving the digital space behind for a speaking career. Instead, he is using the speaking industry like a rocket to propel his personal brand forward. 

He aims to build authority as an influencer and simultaneously grow an international audience. Yes, Vance doesn’t only plan to speak on stages just within the United States, he shares that he’ll be speaking on international stages in places like the Middle East, South America, Canada, Europe, India, and Asia. 

The Drive To Do More

Taking a look at some of the most impactful and inspiring individuals to ever walk the earth; Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs. What do they all have in common? 

They changed the world, inspired millions, and at scale, they gave without expectation of anything in return. Their work, missions, and the free value they provided to the world put them in positions to impact hundreds of millions of lives.

Long term, this is what Vance has set out to do. For him to truly leave a legacy, he needs to impact millions of lives and give without expectation in absolute. Vance shared, “At scale, I need to give, give, give… and the Internet entirely will be the tool that I’ve been underutilizing to make that happen.” 

Leaving a Legacy

During the meeting, Vance was open to sharing his end goal with us. 

“I want to provide value; I want to inspire others to do great things with their lives. I want to show the youth we have resources readily available to us that make a whole new life possible. Resources that our parents, grandparents, and everyone before this era didn’t have to leverage, and we underutilize it. “- Vance says.

Vance also signals that he has massive plans to speak in schools, private organizations, and on international stages, helping others of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics at scale properly, proactively, and regularly leverage every resource the digital age has brought us. 

In synopsis, Vance aims to impact every life he comes across by showing others how to make their dreams their reality with the tools that lie at one’s fingertips. 

“The digital era allows us to connect, interact, transact, and tell stories seamlessly without any barriers to reach a specific audience. There has never been a time in history where that’s been possible.” – Vance Fundora 

Moving Onward

Vance has had experience on stage, at times speaking to rooms with dozens of people in college, churches, private organizations, and network marketing companies he’s worked within the past on topics such as branding, marketing, tips on achieving success, and hitting targets in life & business.

Vance said in the past, his speaking engagements came as completely random opportunities. 

“I never proactively worked to get on stages, but throughout 2020 and the next decade, I’ll be dedicating regular time and focus build my speaking career.” 

In the next decade, Vance foresees himself speaking to crowds ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 people.

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