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Upcoming Artist J Royale is on the rise.


Upcoming Artist J Royale is on the rise.

What got me into music was my amazement of how powerful music it. I mean powerful by it having the ability to pull certain emotions out of someone without them knowing it and thinking back to times that they always said they wouldn’t think about but do anyway unintentionally.

My grandmother. Because of her I grew up singing in a choir and singing in school plays. Especially between the ages of 14-17. She would always be there for all of them and would even go as far as having me record myself singing the song I would have to sing for every performance and practice until it was right. To this very day she still listens to all my music that I’ve released and loves every track I write and is by far my biggest supporter.

Somewhat trap R&B. I use trap lightly because everyone seems to have their own definition of trap so I give the vibes of how people felt when artists like tyrese, neyo, and usher would come on with that one song they everyone liked by them but I add the sounds of what people listen to now.

Experience. That is something that no matter how creative you are, whatever it is you are singing or rapping about, you have either went through it personally or you are really tight with someone who has and witnessed it first hand. When I write my songs, I can literally say I’ve been experienced all that I write and sing about.

I would have to say neyo. Because I’ve had the experience of opening up for rappers like YFN Lucci and Stunna 4 Vegas down in Cheraw, South Carolina which was a great experience. I know that they are rappers and most crowds don’t expect an R&B artist to do something like that but it makes them memorable. I want to be able to open for someone who I think is on the same vibe of music or similar so that it would not change the atmosphere of the crowd but continue that same energy.

I have performed at the Carolina live in Cheraw South Carolina and enjoyed each time I did. I currently have another performance in Rockingham NC on the 1st of May at Apple chill. Definitely looking forward to that experience as well and making myself known and given those who already know me what they came to see from J Royale.

My favorite song to perform would have to be sex lullaby. It was my first single that I ever released and it has that slow jam feel but still the upbeat trap sound that everyone likes. You can either play it in the club or at the house for that moment.

The Internet has changed the music industry so much to where it is as easy as pushing a button to look for who has that image that is marketable to the rest of the world. Instead of how they use to do it back then where the A&Rs would go out looking for talent, they can go on the Internet and streaming platforms to see what’s out there and it give us as artists the opportunity to be able to release our own music and still build a fan base. It also makes it easier to use social media sites to do virtual shows on live and reach the fans no matter where they are.

The best advice that I have been given is to not stop the grind and appreciate it. Don’t stop because the moment you stop you fail. You may be tired, it may be early mornings and late nights, but if you want something go get it because the only person that’s stopping it is you. And appreciate it because what you think is hard to get to now, once you get to it you can look back at where your started from and see the progress and the next person you come in contact with that’s going through the same thing that you have already been through, you can tell them the same thing you been told before and be a living witness to it.

Next thing for me is to keep pushing and doing shows where ever they might be and reaching out to communities. I’m big on charity whether it’s donating money or community service because people need to feel like there are good supporters for the community still out here and also see it. Traveling, performing and making new music in the near future so be on the lookout for that. I just dropped my new single, she got that, on all streaming platforms and it’s guaranteed to make good vibes and turn a party up wherever it is.

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