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Cafe Bahar: chef guide to try out amazing Indian snacks to fulfill your cravings

Cafe Bahar Seattle: What have you done in lockdown? Some people have tried to do things which they loved or some have explored a new habit. Frankly speaking! I have tried to master my cooking skills. My sister and I always wanted to try out hands-on cooking as we were intrigued by the way food is served and prepared at the best Indian restaurant in Seattle. As my mom is from India, before lockdown it was always fun to visit the best  Indian restaurant in Kirkland. No doubt, as everything is getting back on track we cannot wait to visit our favorite Indian restaurant.

Keeping that aside, we tried different Indian snacks during the lockdown and that our entire family relished it to the maximum. In this article, we are going to discuss the same so that in your free time you can fulfill young hunger pangs (food cravings).

Easy and delicious food snacks

  • Moong dal ki chaat

Moong dal is loaded with protein and to the same, you can add vegetables & fruits of your own choice. Be it tomato, onion, carrot, pomegranate, raw mangoes, mint leaves, or any other thing you can add them into the dal. This healthy delicious snack will only take 15 minutes.


  • Carrots and coriander: type of fritters

Don’t go with the fritters as these are non-fried. To make these you need to pan-sear the carrots. The carrots are loaded with vitamins and then added chickpea makes everything better. On a rainy day, this option is a must-try.


  • Corn chaat

Corn is my personal favorite. It is one of those snacks which my sister and I enjoy without any guilt. You need corn and then add tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, & onion and mix all of them. Then you need to sprinkle lime juice to give it a sour taste and add chaat masala to bind the flavors with perfection. Just 15 minutes and it is ready.


  • Sooji squares

Sooji squares is another great and tasty option. Sooji (semolina) is shallow-fried and made healthy by adding beans, carrots, potato, onion, mushrooms, or any other vegetables of your liking.


  • Steamed bafauri

If you like fried pakora but looking for other options then give this a try. One of the best snacks which have the base ingredient as chana dal lentils. It gives your body the perfect amount of fiber it needs and very little oil is used to make it. Right 30 minutes before you plan to watch your favorite Tv Show, you should make it.


  • Rajma Sundal

If you are intrigued by the South Indian snack, then worry not. Here is one option which you can make even when you are in Seattle. This dish is all about the different types of dal like the rajma, dried peas, chana dal, green gram, black-eyed peas, and sweet corn. Tempering is done for the curry leaves, spices, and green chilies.


Are you craving Indian food after reading this? So, Am I…

I have an idea, let’s visit the best Indian restaurant in Seattle to have the best meal of our lives to fulfill our food cravings.

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