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Trident Coffee Innovates the Traditional Coffee Drinking Experience

San Diego, California –The growth of the cold brew coffee market is unprecedented. In fact, one study predicts that the market will be worth $1.63 billion by 2025, driven by the popularity of premium and artisanal products. To that end, a brand like Trident Coffee is not just riding the growth opportunities of the segment and rising demand for specialty products, but truly engineering the craft aspect of this coffee craze.  Trident Coffee is making it a point to not only innovate but do more with less so they can gain a strong lead in this competitive market. 
With a brand heritage strongly rooted in the founders’ values and history, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that every product in Trident Coffee’s range is anchored on the quality that recognizes the profound impact a simple cup of coffee can have on their core market. But wait, there’s more.  This collective of brothers, veterans, best friends, and classmates are elevating the coffee drinking experience, bold and crystal clear focus on health and wellness embodied by their consistent use of organic, sugar-free, and preservative-free products. 
“Coffee is an essential part of our daily lives with most of our days not truly starting until the first sip.  This is where we focus all of our effort on bringing a product to market. The customer’s first sip is the key to longevity and more importantly, a legacy.  It is what not only solidifies a brand in people’s minds but also their hearts. I want it known that we take responsibility as a manufacturer of consumer goods always to provide fresh, always enjoyable, and always pure coffee and products to our customers.  We always have, and we always will.”
-Eric Johnson, CEO; Trident Coffee Roasters. 
But just how much innovation can a brand put into a product and a lifestyle that hasn’t already been ingrained into the routines of its core market? It turns out, a lot–as demonstrated by their successful opening of a Tap Room that offers 15 proprietary nitro cold brew coffees and a 3,000 square foot brewery where they receive, roast, brew, can, package, and ship they’re nitro cold brew coffees at “Bikeway Village” in Imperial Beach, South San Diego County.
“We took the typical coffee experience, enriched it with culinary ingenuity, nautical history, and the craft beer spirit.” – Marcel Wright, Dir. Marketing/Operations; Trident Coffee Roasters. 
Today, Trident Coffee is available at 250+ retail stores in Southern California, including Jimbo’s, Jensen’s, Boney’s Bayside Market, and the University of Southern California. 
“I believe that everyone has the right to a healthy and fulfilling life.  The beverages and products that we create help enable that. Furthermore, we have a responsibility to create that same healthy living for the people in the places that we source our raw goods.  That is Trident Coffee’s purpose. Connection. Community. Character”.

Heather DeSantis is the CEO and Founder of Publicity for Good (PFG) and Good Side News. A Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominee and former Miss Ohio International, she leads the firm with a mission to partner with companies who are committed to making the world a better place. Heather has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Entrepreneur, iHeart Media, Business Insider, MSN, and Inside Edition.


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