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Top Tips For Creating a Thriving Business, by Ash Straughn

Under this ace American entrepreneur’s leadership, The Kash Code, Inc, is flourishing by helping business owners scale their businesses.

To get into the entrepreneurial world and create a path for oneself that can drive the business to an outstanding level of success is a path that can come with an umpteen number of challenges and hurdles. Creating a business today is not an easy job, and turning it into a flourishing business can be even more difficult.

During times like these, people need experts and passionate coaches who can help them navigate the process and lead them towards their successful path. Kash’s name tops the list of such professionals and entrepreneurs whose whole purpose of getting into the entrepreneurial world has been to be a change-maker and act as a ray of light for many business owners to succeed in their endeavours. This is why she originated her business coaching firm, The Kash Code, Inc, where Kash puts in every possible effort to create success stories.

Today, she shares with us a few general tips that can help entrepreneurs create a thriving business.

• Do not overcomplicate the process: Sometimes, people get too deep into the subject, creating unnecessary business processes. Kash believes that the creation of processes should be based on data. That can make it easier for business owners to stay engaged with the people who are the most significant component of their business growth and success – the customers.

• Stay in sync with trends: Kash believes that for business owners to become more skilled and efficient, they must also try to remain in sync with the industry’s changing times. Walking hand in hand with the current trends or changes, especially in our world’s current state, helps business owners better engage with their audience.

• Stay tuned in on the business: When starting a business, be as involved as possible, says Kash. Even when people can delegate tasks to others in the team, business owners must be tuned into their business in the beginning stages and be involved completely to be more aware of their products/services, processes, ability to anticipate change, and adapt.

• Ask for help: It is okay for entrepreneurs to ask for help and network with other entrepreneurs to help in their journey. Kash says it is essential for people to reach out to experts and coaches like her, who can show them the path and help them earn revenue like never before. She says that no one knows all the answers, so new entrepreneurs should not feel pressured to know everything before starting.

Kash believes that she offers a unique experience and perspective to people. She teaches them strategies and how to own and over-deliver those strategies.

Most importantly, Kash teaches them the importance of impact. Her achievements include scaling multiple businesses that have posted millions of dollars in revenue because she placed her nose to the grindstone and perked her ears up for as much advice and knowledge as possible. Kash has also shown her prowess on social media as a content creator on several platforms, which also carry the name of her company, The Kash Code. Also obsessed with contributing to our future, she founded Travel Funds Kids, an organization that schools self-fund and control their own budgets.

To know more about her business coaching company, follow the Instagram handle @thekashcode and visit the website,

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