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Top Entrepreneurs To Learn From On Instagram During COVID

During this time of COVID, many entrepreneurs have not just survived, they have thrived. These entrepreneurs have continued to move forward with momentum and provided inspiration to the global business world through their Instagram accounts. They hail from different countries and corners of the world. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from each of them.

Mike Swigunski


Who Is Mike Swigunski

Mike Swigunski, is the founder of the remote job board and author of the best selling book titled: Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever. He has worked remotely and internationally in over 85+ countries over the past decade and loves sharing his passion and knowledge with others. 

Over the past decade, Mike has been working internationally and remotely with experiences that have provided him a unique 360-degree view of the remote work environment. Whether it’s contributing industry-leading articles for, helping build one of America’s fastest-growing remote companies, or running his own remote company, Mike knows what works and what does not in the remote work world.

Why Follow Mike’s Journey

Mike’s Instagram is primarily focused on the results of entrepreneurship in the form of travel and unique world experiences. Yes, he’s been to every country you fantasize about, but he always shares his journey in such a way it doesn’t show off. Tucked in between perfect sunsets, Mike always provides expert insight that he’s learned along the way that a variety of viewers will enjoy.

Riley Bennett


Who Is Riley Bennett

Riley Bennett is a notable ECommerce entrepreneur who has been a full-time Amazon selling expert and digital nomad since 2015. He’s been documenting his life living abroad in SE Asia on his Youtube channel called Livin That Life. On that channel, he’s also interviewed over 100 other digital nomads and remote entrepreneurs.

Why Follow Riley

Riley’s Instagram is packed with free and high-value content related to living the laptop lifestyle and tutorials on how to become a digital nomad. If you want to watch and learn from someone with an insane work ethic and dedication to his online business lifestyle, look no further than Riley.

Fuad Agoro 



Who Is Fuad Agoro

Fuad is a London born Nigerian who grew up in Chicago who’s been traveling non-stop since 2013. A former track and field athlete, he’s not shy in showing off his gains. Trying to live his best life as a digital nomad and social media marketer is his primary move and he always brings the latest innovations in technology and marketing right to viewers on his Instagram stories.

Why Follow Fuad

Fuad’s account shows his perfectly chiseled body as he takes you through his days but it’s not all vanity. He shares with viewers how to stay in shape while indoors through his fitness platform Passport Healthy. Fuad keeps viewers on their toes. On one day you might catch him doing a workout on Instagram story but on the next showing you behind the scenes insights on how to sell more with Facebook ads. 

Ashlee Major Moss


Who Is Ashlee Major Moss

Ashlee is a London based Content Creator and part-time traveler you can more often find on the beaches of Bali and Sri Lanka. She holds a degree from the University of Arts London and is represented by The Dream Agency in London.

Why Follow Ashlee

Ashlee’s Instagram is not just visually stunning but she also covers diversity and social causes as well as informative self-care captions. She sometimes shares some sponsored posts but it never interrupts her feed as her brand alignment and authenticity are obvious and she shares products that are useful. The content is easy to consume, and informative every single time.

Virginia Salas Kastilio


Who Is Virginia Salas Kastilio

Virginia is a long term digital nomad that has been location independent entrepreneur since her teens. She is a recognized expert in social media marketing having consulted with some of the world’s largest companies. She was voted the #1 Female Snapchat Business Influencer in the world. She is known for her social enterprise “I Trust You Movement” which focuses on breaking down social barriers and creating a regenerative and happy Earth.

Why Follow Virginia

Virginia Salas Kastilio is what would with happen if Gary Vaynerchuk and Mother Teresa had a baby. She has the heart to change the world but the marketing savvy and knowledge of some of the world’s best. Whether it’s dropping off supplies for aid workers during the Amazon burnings or watching her conduct a blindfolded hug experiment in New York, following her travels around the world will always leave you inspired.


Olumide Gbenro is a global marketing advisor & nomadic entrepreneur based in Bali, Indonesia. He is known for founding The Digital Nomad Summit, a summit that attracts hundreds of remote work entrepreneurs around the world each year. He also runs Globo House, an influencer marketing agency that connects professional athletes with brand deals. He is a social media advisor to global brands and has a 100M influencer network.

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