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Tilakam Sarees- where the fabrics has a soul and a story to tell!

Tilakam Saree

Tilakam sarees is a celebration of Indian’s diverse culture and beautifully created presentation of heritage textiles, where the fabrics has a soul and a story to tell.

Founded in 2011, Sreedevi from Tilakam sarees travelled across India to small villages and started working with master craftsmen, listening to the beat of the looms and understanding the processes and perception of it.

Every piece of clothing at Tilakam sarees is to reinstate the glory and rich heritage of Indian culture through extensive use of fabrics, intricate hand embroidery and clothing designs. The unique collage of classical and ethnic dresses which are unfailingly feminine, quintessentially sophisticated yet affordable to possess at the same time. They believe that their artisans develop the textiles with the highest quality of craft and techniques.


Tilakam sarees brings to you a melange of weaves combining flawlessly and at the same time, the art of seeking and the skill of weaving each saree pays homage to the ancient craft across time and age.

Every piece of clothing at Tilakam sarees is passionately and ardently designed, utilizing the highest degree of craftsmanship, quality, devotion and care. The modern cuts and styling adds value to the already eye catching intricate embroidery executed by the artisans. They believe in celebrating with people, their work and the stories that are woven in time across different cultures.

“The creation of a saree involves not just Weaver’s but warpers, dyers, artists, twisters and so many others, each giving their best to create the masterpiece. The saree is our canvas and the weave is the expression of our art” quotes Sreedevi.


You will also be able to choose from a wide range of options stating from Benarasi, Cocktail sarees, Chiniya Silk, Kanchi Pattu, Ektara Silks etc. Tilakam sarees brings to you a stunning collection of Kora by satins handwoven in pure Kora silk in stunning tones with a contemporary geometric body, patterned with lines crafted in zari and resham.

Also, they have introduced soft, three layered washable designer cotton masks during these tough times which are hand stitched with immense care. Afterall, what is the best way to let your loved ones know that you miss them during this difficult time?

I have linked the website and their social media handle (i.e Instagram) so that you can go through their collection and order one for you thereby uplifting your style persona to a whole new level.

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