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Three C’s of Madhur and Saloni’s life in their food blogging journey: Consistency Creativity and Conceptuality

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. And every art is adorable. Most of us likes exploring different sort of foods, whether it is about cooking or eating. Because food is life.
Here comes the journey of two youngster of Nagpur, Madhur and Saloni . They visit different places and restaurants in nagpur and amravati to try out quality foods. Their journey started during their high school coaching where they used to visit different locations and chill out. And from here, they began the journey of food blogging.
As we know, friends are really important in our life and if we have motivating and supportive friends, we can reach to the door of success. As Madhur and Saloni’s friends took their suggestion before going out for hangout, this motivated them to start food blogging and they eventually brief some cool recipes in their Instagram page @bhook_ho_na_ho
Well, for them, there is a success mantras  “CCC” which stands for Consistency Creativity and conceptuality which means they have to be consistent on our page ,each time they try to stand out and give some out of the box content which fascinates people and they have to be very clear about our concept  “what are we doing? ” What’s the aims behind this ?”  in other words A  PROPER plan. Every successful thing needs planning or we can say, planning can make anything successful.
They both are a college student for now and they are so peculiar about their studies as well as passion. They never let their passion to take over or ruin their study time. According to them, everything is important in a human’s life. It’s just how we manage time to do that.
Being a student, they are putting their best efforts to make their passion a successful journey. And they are sure, that in future, they will receive a lot of benefits of food blogging.
As we know, that now-a-days parents wants their kid to study and get a good salaried job apart from dedicating time to their passion. But somewhere Saloni’s and Madhur’s parents are so open-minded and allow them to go for their passion.  Because all that parents want is their child’s happiness and success.
They says,. “For becoming  a successful blogger, one has to be  so passionate about his work. He has to create his own content rather than copying others. He  should do something eye catching  or unique which attract people to follow them.You have to be unique, and  different, and shine in your own way. He must interact with his audience so that they know what audience love the most at their feeds, in which type of post the give good responses. One must have consistently on his page .”
For more, you can visit them on Instagram @bhook_ho_na_ho or follow them on YouTube
Channel name: bhook ho na ho
And you can contact them [email protected]

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