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Thor Tuning Releases Innovative New Exhaust System

Does your car’s engine not sound like a real sports car? Would you like to hear the roar of an 8-cylinder engine? Introducing the revolutionary THOR electronic exhaust system – just one (two) heavy-duty speaker in a metal casing and a mobile application turns your car into a legendary sports car. Every day – you are the owner of a new car! Now imagine that your car can do the same, while you can control the sound depending on your mood! * Any car equipped with an electronic CAN system (Controller Area Network – Block Controller). The CAN protocol, since 1980, has been the standard for the automotive electrical network, combining various vehicle devices, blocks, and sensors into a single network.


With the THOR system, you can return the regular exhaust sound with one click on the screen of your smartphone or by controlling the system using the programmed button on the steering wheel (steering column). The THOR system does not depend on the characteristics of your car, its power or the number of cylinders and is installed without making structural changes to the car settings.
To install the THOR system, a car equipped with a CAN bus is required. It is through it that the complete and automatic synchronization of the electronic exhaust components with the operation of your engine takes place. Complete with the system comes detailed instructions for connecting. Installation of the system should be carried out only by experienced craftsmen with sufficient qualifications, in certified auto repair shops or auto repair shops. MOUNTING THE THOR SPEAKERS Position the acoustic system (s) excluding contact with body elements when the vehicle is moving. The installation of the speaker system must be ensured by reliable mounting. The speaker cable must be led into the cabin through standard rubber passages to ensure tightness. Connect to the main harness according to the installation diagram. LAYING HARNESSES If possible, lay the harnesses through standard channels, observing the general recommendations for installing the system.
CONNECTING TO CAN AND THE SUPPLY CHAIN Installation and connection to the CAN bus wiring should only be carried out with the THOR electronic control unit disconnected. It is important to observe the polarity of the connection to the CAN bus. In order to prevent the battery from discharging in the parking mode, the positive power supply cable of the system must be connected only to the car circuit, which does not have a constant voltage when the engine is off. The power circuit must be rated for at least the current rating of the fuse used in the harness of the THOR electronic unit. It is best to use a circuit in which the voltage does not disappear at the time of starter operation. It is strictly forbidden to connect to unknown vehicle circuits.
Before first checking the system, make sure that all connections are complete. Connect the Thor electronic unit to the CAN harness connector in accordance with the instructions. Start the engine and check the sound when the engine speed changes. Switch modes. If the system does not work, check the power supply for proper connection to the CAN bus.


Download the Thor app on the App Store or Google Play and get access to a huge fleet with dozens of masterpieces from the global auto industry. In the basic version of THOR, six main exhaust sounds are available, such as: Porsche Panamera, Mercedes AMG S63, Ferrari 488 GTB, Mercedes Benz C63, BMW M4 and the famous Mercedes Benz G63. Any exhaust system presented in the form of a composition can be listened to and integrated into the car directly from a smartphone.

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