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The success story of Ranjit Bhuiya, how they become a successful Indian musical artist, youtuber & author

Nowadays, everyone want to become a successful person. As well with name everyone want fame also. But, here Ranjit Bhuiya start his carrier to become a successful person. They only want name. Because, according to Ranjit Bhuiya if you get name then you will getting fame automatically.

Ranjit Bhuiya is a Indian Artist, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Influencer & internet personality Who is Mostly known as a digital marketer rather than Musician, He was in (born on 2th June 2003) in Asansol, West Bengal India, At the age of 14 he started his digital marketing & Musician career.

Basically, Ranjit Bhuiya starts his career first as a digital marketing or YouTuber. But, sometime later he enters the music field. Now if you search about Ranjit Bhuiya then you will get all information about Ranjit Bhuiya. YouTube officially verified his youtube channel as an official artist. Youtube gives him a music verified badge on youtube. Moreover, Ranjit Bhuiya also verified people on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Ranjit Bhuiya is a social worker, environmental lover, music lover, music artist, musician, blogger, YouTuber and director, producer !!

Ranjit Bhuiya is an Indian music artist. And has verified pages on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Jiosaavn, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and many more. Ranjit Bhuiya is an Indian music artist.

His songs have already become very popular on various social media and music platforms. Meanwhile, he has received a verified artist bases and pages on various music platforms.

It is time for him to work on his own YouTube channel and international music platform like Spotify, Jiosaavn, Amazon Music, AppleMusic, Soundcloud, etc. “After all, he is proud to be an Indian verified musician.

However, it was not easy for this young man to come up with beautiful colors by being a YouTuber, and an artist. He left nothing to keep the ball rolling while he was seen as the best man in the market. He came up with his 2018 YouTube channel known as Ranjit Bhuiya which provides information and information on various issues. At the same time, he kept his music open and made sure to do well in the industry as well. While delivering different types of songs and videos on various topics, she has kept her journey smooth with her unique talent. He has proven to the world that he is a good man in music and other technologies that will make him a winner in the mainstream media.

Ranjit Bhuiya an musicial Artist & YouTuber from West Bengal. YouTube personality, who is also an Actor, Musical Artist. He Born on 2th June 2003 and brought up in Asansol, West Bengal.

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