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‘The Mindset Of A Growing Entrepreneur-‘ Brilliant Book Authored by Harsh Joshi

Harsh Joshi is an extremely successful and recognized digital marketing entrepreneur who has recently written ‘The Mindset Of A Growing Entrepreneur,’ a book designed to give direction and help to people looking to start a new entrepreneurial venture. Harsh Joshi, 25, belongs to the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra. He owns and heads a flourishing digital marketing firm called Ernstaa Technologies. The firm provides services of online advertising, brand consulting, creative brand placement, digital marketing, promotion and techniques in the latest artificial intelligence.

What makes Harsh Joshi the perfect person to write a book on entrepreneurship is his accomplishment in the field of business. Harsh had an interest in digital marketing from an early age and this interest later manifested in the beginning and initiation of his own digital marketing firm, Ernstaa Technologies. Harsh Joshi has walked down the path of entrepreneurship and is therefore the right person to give guidance and offer answers to difficult questions. He has also acted as a business consultant to a lot of start ups. His achievements are testimony to the efficiency of the strategies and methods that he adopted.

In his book, Harsh Joshi gives clear and informative answers to questions that prop up during the time of commencement of a new business. In the current scenario, rapid economic and technological changes have become a regular deal. Harsh recognizes the fact that these everyday changes bring with them tons of uncertainty and instability to entrepreneurs. One of the many aims of his book is to bring about a mentality and attitude shift in an entrepreneur’s life. ‘The Mindset Of A Growing Entrepreneur’ tells you to be on the lookout for new opportunities and in a way brings the point forward that with a lot of changes come a lot of gaps to be filled.

The book also seeks to make a growing entrepreneur look at critical situations objectively. There is a separate section dedicated to the identification of the target market and the evaluation and estimation of the competitors. It also gives clear advice on managing budgets and costs of a business – something which young entrepreneurs face a lot of difficulty with.

Harsh Joshi’s book is written as a no-nonsense concise guide with the intention of solving professional and entrepreneurial problems of a new businessperson. Entrepreneurship is a slippery ground but with books like ‘The Mindset Of A Growing Entrepreneur’, steadiness can be reached.


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