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The Last Of The “Real Ones” Bonni3 Is Becoming One Of The Top Female Entrepreneurs

Gabriel Comfort A.K.A Bonni3, one of the most talked about underground female artists.Bonni3 has the looks, the background, talent, mindset and heart to take her farther than most. Watch out because you’ll be blown away by this female artist’s music.


Not only is Bonni3 a dedicated artist but she also has her own business called Christian Nicole promotions. Christian Nicole Promotions provides a variety of services to other artists. Not only does Bonni3 work on her growth she works on other artists’ come up with her business. She’s a different kind of person. You don’t want to sleep on her!


I’ve sat down and asked her a few questions so the world can know her some more.


Interviewer: “When did you choose music? “


Bonni3:  “I chose music when I was 19. Before music playing Basketball was my dream but I got into a four wheeler accident that caused me to sit out a full year from all sports and school. Some recruiters stopped recruiting me because I was out of commission basically.”


Interviewer: “So, why music?”


Bonni3: “I turned to music because it made me happy. Even while I was doing basketball I would write poems and even rapped them (she laughs). If I couldn’t play basketball anymore then music was the only other thing to make me happy.”


Interviewer: “What sets you apart from other artists also trying to make it in the music industry?”


Bonni3: ” What sets me apart is my willingness to stay a hundred percent true to my sound and originality, I set my own trend. A lot of artists (she adds) “no shade” sound too alike to me. I don’t want to imitate what’s already been put out there I want to actually CREATE.”


Interviewer: ” How do you define music?”


Bonni3: “Music is a gateway to one’s emotions. It’s a strong vibration. Each artist has their own vibration that they emit. It’s a way to get your message across.”


Interviewer: “What is your message?”


Bonni3: “My message is to uplift, empower, and stay true to my ideologies. Show that female artists don’t need to be looked at only in a sexualized manner. I dress like a 90s chick kind of but a little more tomboyish. Females can still be sexy in ALL styles.”


Interviewer: “Wow! Okay last question. So, apart from your music career going smoothly how is your business coming along?”


Bonni3: ” Business is great and growing each day. Just released my first e-book titled, “Christian Nicole Promotions- Creating a brand” now on Amazon. “Gotta get that book promo” (she laughs).”


Interviewer: “Check out her book I already bought my copy. So, thank you Bonni3 for taking the time to answer those questions. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.”


Bonni3: Aww anytime. Thank you for supporting my brand and I will be releasing a new visual this summer for my song titled, “REAL ONES” which is now available to stream. It was great talking to you!


Be sure to check out her latest release “Okay” featuring Grever Chile Demigod from her Bonni3 No Clyde album here on Youtube.She will also be releasing her debut single with Empire titled “Alive” ft. Nicodemus Legatus. You can follow her on her Instagram ! Her Merch drops this fall as well ! Be on the lookout. 




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