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The Job Industry Disruptor Is On Its Way And It Looks Good!

It’s often said that you don’t need to have an enormous amount of resources to achieve change in the world. Yes, it’s true, Anyone can change the world and all that’s required Is the zeal to take action and the proper motivation to drive you. 

That motivational force for Founder of Live Your Lifestyle, Austin Varley, was the need to help others live the lives they want and be happy with their source of income. 

Some time ago, Austin set out on a daring mission to completely transform the Job Industry and Today, he’s achieved his goal. That goal is The Live Your Lifestyle Platform. 

In this article, we will be uncovering all the news behind this new startup and how it can transform your world in the most unique ways possible. 


What is Live Your LifeStyle?

Live Your Lifestyle is a movement that is on a mission to bring us together and teach the public about what we were not taught in school. 

It aims to address certain issues like how you can earn a stable income from your smartphone, leverage credit to travel/ shop for free, save money from taxes, invest wisely and most of all, live comfortably in the new age era.

#TheLYLMovement is impacting the world by helping people quit their 9-5 and live a lifestyle they love. Basically, they are disrupting the ‘Job Industry’ the same way that Netflix disrupted the ‘Video Rental Industry’, what’s more, everything is done through a simple video too.

Apart from assisting you in achieving your dreams, LiveYourLifestyle also strives to help the globe raise money for issues affecting the world such as global warming, wars, and world hunger. The brand will achieve this through a subsidiary called the LYL Change Foundation. 

Founder Austin Varley Shares, “It is my goal for Live Your Lifestyle to raise $1 Billion for the #LYLChange foundation to help with the climate crisis, starving children, poverty, homelessness, the trash, lack of education, helping third world countries and the list goes on.”

A Great Cause 

In today’s society, it’s the norm to hate one’s job? A lot of People can’t stand Mondays because that’s the start of their workweek. Adding to the case, most people also don’t earn enough to live a life they wish for. 

Everyone is living paycheck to paycheck or getting further into debt, barely getting by, and this isn’t ideal. Why is this the norm and just accepted?

First, Live Your Lifestyle wants to eradicate the issue of the lack of proper financial and vocational education. Our schools do not teach us anything about the internet, about credit, about taxes, about investments and obstacles that we face in the real world.

Next would be to solve the problem of people hating their jobs and not having enough to even a life they love. 

You love to hike? Then LYL wants you to be able to hike every day and do it as much as you want because that’s what you LOVE to do. Live Your Lifestyle shows you how to turn passions/hobbies/lifestyles into income all from your phone.

After that, LYL plans to help bring massive change to the world issues we face. They aim to be a leading voice in the climate crisis, World hunger, ocean cleansing and doing everything possible in order to make the world a safer and better place for generations to come.

Overcoming Obstacles

In this section, Founder Austin Varley shares the problems he’s faced in the past and how he overcame them. 

Back when he had just finished high school, Austin was at a loss because school hadn’t prepared him for any of life’s challenges at all. At some point, he decided to go to college for marketing; Austin shares that the curriculum didn’t teach him a single thing about the internet. He couldn’t stand the fact that this was the norm and even went as far as asking his professors if they would ever learn anything online, all they said was “No”. And this was back in 2015.

Austin dropped out in his first year and pledged to himself, never to go back. He set out to find a way to live his lifestyle and do what he loved. At the start, Austin faced a lot of problems. 

And one of his most notable problems was the fact that he didn’t have a suitable business model and system to work with. In the long run, when he eventually found the right business model, he couldn’t scale his business to a point where he could quit his jobs.

Due to this, Austin went through a lot of online courses, just to make sure he had grasped the idea of business development and marketing well enough to start another business; he shares that he spent over $100,000 on his education. 

Austin is unique in the sense that he has failed more than the average entrepreneur, and this has helped him accumulate knowledge and ideas that faced the same situation he faced back then. During a recent interview, he was keen on sharing the formula he used to get back on his feet. Here’s what Austin had to share; 

First, let go of the past or anything you are holding on that is from the issue. People dwell on issues, saying this happened then this happened, etc. That’s not going to solve anything. Once you let go of everything, now we can solve it. So what is the main problem? What do we need to fix or solve? Say you are in business and you aren’t making enough money to pay for bills. 

The problem isn’t you can’t afford to pay bills (even though that is related), the problem is you need a way to get customers. You don’t have a customer acquisition system for your business so you can’t pay bills. 

Now we know the problem, so next is how do we fix this problem? What do we need to do to avoid/resolve this issue? For this example, you need a way to generate more leads and appointments for your business. That could be advertising online, networking events, door to door, cold calling, emailing and the list goes on.

After you figure out a way to solve/resolve the issue, you execute it. Do the required work and do what you need to do so you can move past this. You gave it your all and it’s still not resolved/solved? Then you need to figure out a different strategy to resolve/solve it then. 

Here’s a summary 


First – Let go of your emotions tied to the issue.


Second – Figure out the exact problem you are facing.


Third – Figure out what you need to do to resolve/solve the issue.


Fourth – Do it. Execute it. The faster you do this, the faster it will be resolved.


Fifth – Didn’t work? Repeat steps 3-4


One of the reasons I am able to move forward is because I am relentless when it comes to what I want and to what I will do to move forward in my life. Adopt that relentless and obsessive behavior for your goals.

Sparking Motivation

Founder of Live Your Lifestyle, Austin Varley Shares that his biggest motivation is the fact that there are people out there struggling with their jobs and still earning way below the required amount needed to live a good life. 

Today, the internet, our phones and what we have created gives us all of the opportunity we need. We live in the most connected world ever and because of that, we have the freedom to live a lifestyle we love. Seeing people struggle, seeing people living their best life,  and watching robots replace countless individuals in the workplace motivated Founder Austin to make a move.

“We live in a new era these days. 20 years ago we didn’t have Google, smartphones, and the technology we have today. So why are we still living the same lifestyle they were back in the ’80s. It’s time for the #LYLMovement and for everyone to live their lifestyle while earning from their phones.” – Austin Varley



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