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The Inspiring Story Behind Asli Daud; The Founder Of India’s Leading Marketing Agency

Asli Daud is a unique talent and an unparalleled creative mind. He is a branding expert and the founder of Asli Digital Media, India’s leading digital marketing agency. In this article, we will learn how Asli climbed the ladder of success.  

Subtle beginnings 

The journey to the top for him was singularly arduous. Being an average student from the start, Daud proudly admits dropping out of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh, DU, as the first step towards opulence and grandiosity.

His personality was always eccentric, never conventional. From the age of 15, he had started unfolding his plans, the vigor in him never let him sit idle. His longing to be disparate never let him deviate into any labyrinth and instead has always pushed him the extra mile. Presently, he has established himself as a luminary in each of the respective niches and has scoured many others in their hardships.

After repudiating the 9-5 job, he endeavored to be the prime in his works, being an influencer, a travel-blogger, and in digital marketing. His conviction was of leadership, and he never even tried to back-pedal from jostling.

Values and Principles

Following his ideology and mantra, he is on a one-way route to triumph. The constructive advice coming directly from the expert himself, Daud, believes that being passionate is of the foremost importance as it constructs the backbone of your success. 

He further explains that if you focus on who you really are,  your hard work will surely pay off.

Asli has proven to be a bigwig in multiple niches. A travel blogger, influencer, and a prolific digital marketer,  he is an ideal paradigm for the youth. Being such a visionary and an ingenious personage at such a young age of 21, spawns the curiosity to know even more about him.

His elite vision made him achieve a lot and still being humble; he believes in hard work and patience — the age at which the majority of the youth squander their time and resources. 


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