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The BACKPENNING awards is a platform of searching up new talents and awarding them with the titles as unique as their own talents.Though it satrted off late but yeah with great value of thought and the main thing now it’s time to make your country feel proud of yourself and make those people realize who said that you can’t or who made you feel that you are not just capable for it.

This was the very first edition of this National Award Ceremony and they recognized, celebrated some Great Changemakers in their respective fields. They are on a Mission to Recognize, Empower all the Changemakers as they believe in that “Everyone is a Changemaker its just that we need to realize our Changemaking abilities”, THE BACKPENNING AWARDS is one of the biggest platforms for the people who are not just career moule but are with entrepreneural mindset.

In this time of pandemic people are searching for jobs and all stuffs but there are many who found their real talents inside them and we are here to fire up their urge to conquer up the whole world with their own power of success.
Now it’s time to show up the whole world that no-one can put you down. Just go the way you are moving up and make them proud who supported you at times when you were alone rather proving them right who all stopped you.

There are a total of 8 awardees. They are:-
Vandita ,Shruti Kumari, Dr. Nandini, Shahnaz Zaidi, S.Manikandan,
Shubham, Pavni Sachdeva, Shradha Karuna Sagar.

At the end we heartedly congratulate all the awardees for their beautiful achievement .
Just grow the same way you all are doing and yes the youth can do anything .

This is our first batch of awardees and we heartedly congratulate all of them for their immense hard-work
and we are looking forward for more awardees and talents to witness up the power of youth and the talents who are upbringing the next generation of INDIA.

The organization has been a part of this pandemic to look forward for this immense show of talents.
Celebrating the Changemakering efforts of all the Changemakers. This award ceremony was a grand success with very hardwork which the team of BYFI poured in order to give some grand results.

To get in contact with our next awards you can contact us on our Instagram id- @the_backpenning_awards or our E-mail- [email protected]

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