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The 2020 Next Generation Electric Scooter by Fluid Freeride

Fluid Freeride is pleased to announce it’s release of this anticipated, state of the art 40 mph electric scooter

At the time of their invention in the late 1900’s, electric or motorised scooters were seen to be used for recreational purposes for the most part. However, through the scientific development surrounding all motorised vehicles, it has transpired that electric scooters may just be the answer we have all been looking for. 

By using an electric scooter for work and play you can see your carbon footprint reduce significantly. Once you have decided that an electric scooter is the way forward, don’t get caught up when it comes to picking out the best scooter for you. 

Although rental scooters have their place, when delving deeper into the statistics you can see that the majority of serious accidents happen on rental scooters and we can see why… Having been on many electric scooters, when riding on a rental scooter you can feel the difference. They really aren’t well looked after or managed. They are quite literally dumped every time each rider is finished, which takes its toll on the parts. Pieces that would otherwise last a considerable amount of time have their lifespan shortened through carelessness and a lack of responsibility. Like any modern piece of engineering, a little love and attention goes a long way! 

Buying your very own electric scooter to commute to work, use for fun at the weekends, all the while reducing your carbon footprint, sounds ideal right? Up until now you may have struggled to tick all of your boxes when looking for that perfect scooter. But not for any longer. With the Mantis, you will not compromise anything and still get everything you wished for. 

Just like the Mercedes S class, the Mantis is too top of it’s class for innovation, showcasing revolutionary features. The Mantis brings new life into electric scooters leading the way forward. 

Now, for what you want to read, why is it so good? Firstly, it has a top speed of 40mph. That’s right, 40mph. With both front and rear suspension, you’ll hardly be able to tell you’re going so fast. This suspension is perfect when you’re using your electric scooter for commuting, helping make your ride smooth and comfortable and leveling out all those small bumps in your journey. This being said, take the Mantis electric scooter off road, put the suspension to the test, we dare you it’s that good. The other feature that makes your ride even better, pneumatic tyres with the option of two brake types with the two models available, the Pro model features full hydraulic brakes. 

Due to its dual motors, the Mantis has the capability of switching between ‘eco’ and ‘power’ modes, these can easily be switched between using the display controls. Riding a scooter so quickly, using buttons that quite literally say ‘power’, it is important to highlight some safety features. Ever found yourself driving down the road when all of a sudden you notice you’re just creeping up over the speed limit? That is why on the Mantis, there are ‘gears’. These gears put a restriction on the speed – just like cruise control, you reach your speed and maintain there, riding comfortably. Even though you cap at a certain speed depending on what gear you’re in, the throttle and acceleration remain quick and smooth. The top gear is of course up to maximum speed, if you dare!

Want to change your preset gears? No problem, the Mantis is able to be fully personalised with the ability to alter the base settings if you wish. 

There’s more! An optional extra is fingerprint scanner recognition. That’s right, no one is going to be using your scooter without your say so! 

Having talked a lot about what the Mantis can do, you’ll never fully be able to understand or even comprehend until you ride the Mantis. What’s better is Fluid Free Ride are offering a pre-order discount on both the Base and Pro models. For more specs and info click here

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