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Tech-savvy Tarun makes fan business go hi-tech

For an electrical engineer from North Eastern University with entrepreneurship from Stanford GST and experience of working as Tech Consultant at EMC Corporation, being tech savvy was natural. But to be able to turnaround the business of fans into a tech-enabled one is something even this young and dynamic entrepreneur did not foresee.


Taron Lala, 32 joined his father Anil Lala’s start up Fanzart a few years ago. Fanzart was started in 2011 with the intention of making luxury fans available in India, where ‘pankha’ has always been a ubiquitous part of every household but the need for luxury in this segment was somehow overlooked.


Being the forerunners in the luxury fan segment, Fanzart saw immediate success. However, as Director & Co-Founder of Fanzart, Tarun was thirsting for more.

He promptly took over the front end of Fanzart- the go to market and managed strategic partnerships with Future Group, Amazon and more. In just a few years, they doubled on franchising and introduced newer models incorporating technology like Bluetooth. Now the company is on track to do 100 showrooms in 10 years, thanks to Tarun’s vision.


Being tech-savvy, Tarun was responsible for transforming the online landscape of the business too. He was involved in getting a sleek website for Fanzart and made Digital First- a customer awareness and acquisition platform. During the pandemic, he innovated and introduced e-commerce bringing the experience virtually closer to prospective customers. He also partnered with influencers for marketing their products.


The biggest feather on Tarun’s cap is filing of the first ever patent for the company, introducing the home automation line!


For someone who had sold $2 million of EMC products in 6 months, started a

million-dollar business – as a one man show, with the cost of only an email id and had the grit and determination to lose 30 kgs in 6 months, achieving all this was a child’s play. ​


This humble entrepreneur, however feels that he is still needs to learn a lot. “I still consider myself to be a Work in Progress! What keeps me going is constant learning, and interacting with extraordinary people,” avers Tarun, who feels his biggest achievement has been to be able to work with and share the same passion as his parents.


For this workaholic, his workout, reading, and at least an hour of entertainment is needed to finish his day. Other than that, his passion is travel and ticking things off of the bucket list! His advice for budding entrepreneurs is simply, “Focus and do it!”



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