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Sylvania Indian Restaurant: Chef guide on the best Indian food options

Indian food at its best: All the time!

Sylvania Indian Restaurant, Indeed! It is a thing to be considered that every time you order the Indian food, it tastes the best and with every meal, you will get to taste the freshness. Your time at the best Indian Restaurant Sydney will go like a dream because the food is made with brilliance, and skill combined with LOVE, which is the major reason Indian food is loved all over the globe. Out of so many Indian food options, here we have mentioned some of the most loved ones. And if you haven’t tried them out, then after reading this article make sure to visit your nearby Indian Restaurant.

Must-try and best Indian dishes

  • Masala Dosa

Dosa comes from South India. It is like a pancake but is thin and prepared with soaked rice & lentils. You can try out the version of masala dosa with the vegetables like onion, potatoes, and mustard seeds. With masala dosa, you can relish the sambar (stew type) which is made with different vegetables. For garnishing, coriander is used and then coconut is grated on the top. Moreover, there are different varieties of dosa like Rava masala dosa, onion dosa, paneer dosa, and much more.


  • Pakora

Pakora is another great deep-fried option that has a savory taste to it. These are like fritters which are prepared with different vegetables and it is enjoyed during tea time or even as a snack. Especially during the monsoon season, it is highly loved by individuals. To give them a better taste, it is added with different sorts of spices like chili powder, coriander, salt, dried pomegranate powder, and much more. On the top of it, sour & spicy masala is sprinkled.


  • Panipuri

Call it panipuri, puchka, Gol Gappa, or use any other name, one of the most loved Indian snacks and the irresistible one. The small like puris which are eaten at one go. These are fried and crispy which makes it even better when potatoes & onion stuffing are added. Into it, different types of water are added along with tamarind chutney, pudina water, chickpeas, hot chilies, and much more.


  • Chaat

Another great street food snack that is highly loved by individuals because of the way it is prepared. Moreover, you can try out the different variations of chaat which are a combination of spicy, salty, sweet, and sour tastes. Well! It is up to you, ‘How do you want to have it?’ as you can have it in the form of a snack or like that only.


  • Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is another great food option to try out. It comes under the category of street food. The bhaji is the combination of different vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, and much more. Along with pav which makes the dish the perfect choice to have it any time of the day.


Endless food options

This is just a teaser, there are many other options you can order when you visit the best Indian restaurant. Go and explore different food options as per your taste and preference.

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