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Swapnil Devre Shares How Anyone From Anywhere In The World Can Get Into An online Business Market

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What did you do before getting into the online entrepreneurial world?

Before I got into my first online venture. I was driving an Uber 12 hours a day making 15,000 Rupees a month that’s around 196$. I thought it would be fun but boy I was so wrong. I did that for 8 months and then quit.

When did you start your venture?

After I quit Uber I took a break for a month looking for other ways to earn a living. I think it was late 2017 somewhere around November.

How did you start out, tell us about your first income?

I started out with Shopify dropshipping. A friend of mine introduced me to it. Before that, I wasn’t even interested in entrepreneurship or business in general. I always thought it is for people who have degrees from huge colleges and you must have lots of money to start a business. Which is true but not in an online business. Here you can just start with $0 and build your way up.

What are the biggest hurdles that you faced while building your online business from India?

Starting an online business from India was difficult in 2017/2018. I didn’t have a Stripe payment gateway, I only had one option to accept payment and that was PayPal. This means that I was losing 40% of my revenue. Many of the clients didn’t have a PayPal account, I had to painfully let them go. Now, we have Stripe and PayPal available in India which is just amazing.

The payment gateway was one of the biggest hurdles and the second one was running ads in the United States. I was earning in Rupees and I was spending in USD which was pretty difficult for me. I know, you might say well “YOU ARE EARNING IN DOLLARS RIGHT?” Yes, but if you include the currency conversion rates of Paypal and payment gateway transaction fee then it will paint a totally different picture. But It is not a big deal you can get sales organically as well without spending a dime.

The third issue was trust & accent. I had difficulty convincing clients about my services and offers. Most of them assumed that it was a scam initially. But as I got some momentum I became good at my craft.

What tips or advice would you like to give to our readers?

Hard Work can crack a problem but if your income is dependent on the amount of work then as the income increases the workload will also increase. What you want to do is work really really hard to find a business or niche where the relation between work and income is asymmetrical. Once you find it you will know it in your heart that this is going to work. You don’t need market research to tell whether a product or service is good or just fine. You can just tell, after all, you are a human being. If you are not jumping at the thought of selling a service or product then don’t expect others to jump and buy it, it’s going to be a hard sell. 

And what’s your message to people like you who are struggling to get a foothold in the online business world?

Like I said if you are struggling for over a few months to close clients consistently then go back to the drawing board and find a product or service that makes you jump. If you are supposed to make a decent amount of money in a couple of years then the path that leads to that future will have incremental progress each day. The speed of progress matters, if you are closing 1 client every 2 months then the path that you are on won’t lead you to make a decent amount of money 2 years down the line. So abandon the path or tweak it.

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