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Surrounded by stars, Mayank Singh Rajput has become a star himself

On one hand, while social media has many disadvantages, it also has some advantages. One such youth has created a new identity by making social media his strength.

Mayank Singh Rajput, an Entrepreneur, and Musical Artist From Bihar made the web world his companion at a young age. He started his career with the first startup at the age of 19 company called The Digital Hunters and in a short time became a social media consultant to Bollywood and Punjabi Star.

Nowadays his company The Digital Hunters is well known Digital Marketing Agency In India. His recent music Paap Nasham and Saturday Moon are viral on Spotify and almost all music platforms and from here Mayank Singh Rajput never looked back. Gradually, his footsteps began to enter the Bollywood And Punjabi entertainment world and the responsibility of running and promoting the social media handles of many celebrities fell on Mayank Singh Rajput’s shoulders.

Digital entrepreneur Mayank Singh Rajput is no match. Today, he gives full credit to his parents and his hard work. he did many programs for the Punjabi singers, in which he got a good response from the people.

Surrounded by stars, Mayank Singh Rajput has become a star himself and everyone in Bihar wants Mayank Singh Rajput to promote him on social media as his style and skill are fully supported by Bihar.

Everyone, from the leader to the actor, believes Mayank Singh Rajput’s iron. he also faces a lot of challenges in life but he did never give up and won. He says that even though I have achieved this position in a short time, I will not give up on my dream. He says that as a digital Entrepreneur, it is my duty to the Bihar film and music industry it would be at the peak of the entertainment world, and this is the agenda of my life.

In today’s era, when the exit of people from home has reduced, then the use of digital media has been more or less. Whether WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, it is being used by the younger generation. In such a situation, youth like Mayank Singh Rajput is truly showing the right mirror to society and giving a new career to their career.
In the coming time, Mayank Singh Rajput wants to launch a platform where youngsters and newcomers can get a chance to perform their talent show and prove themselves in front of the country.

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