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Surprise yourself! Visit offbeat destinations with Neha

 Neha is a travel blogger and she is currently on an interesting mission to share her awesome experiences with avid travellers across the world, via blog posts and videos on social media channels. She has been traveling now for past 8 years, and have visited over 65 beautiful cities globally!

I would describe Neha as a free spirited person who is unconventional in her approach and loves to explore new places and experiences. From exploring beauty of Scottish highlands to enjoying most enchanting & scenic views of Udaipur lake, she has always tried her best to embrace something new and beautiful!

She strongly feels that people should invest wisely on travel journeys to create special experiences and not rather spend too much on material possessions. In fact, this is now an important realization in this pandemic situation also and strict lockdown across the world has indeed been a learning curve for everyone. We truly have begun to value time and memories which we cherished before Covid-19. 

And despite in lockdown today, Neha also cherish all memories of her past trips and above all, she is happy to be able to share these travel moments with her followers!

The focus of her content is around travel stories, along with lifestyle content to inspire masses for packing their bags more often and visiting beautiful cities. She has selected travel niche for content creation, since this is her passion and she has always loved travelling! And, can also guide aspiring travellers to take up frequent trips, whilst still saving their money. 

As she narrates her journey, these beautiful travel moments also guides that it’s very important to create and treasure memories which stays with us for lifelong!  Those travel pictures define moments which fades out in seconds but have been captured for a lifetime. A memory or a special moment which is gone forever! 

Also, travel enlightens us in many ways, as we embrace different cultures and values across the world. And lastly, it helps to relax and rejuvenate, so that you can come back stronger. Hence, we should pack bags more often to travel!

And, social media is helping her greatly to achieve this goal of sharing travel stories. Neha is currently on Instagram and have also recently created a YouTube channel. She thinks that social media has immense power to change people’s perception, provide valuable information and also influence opinions! And, unlike other conventional media platforms – like print, TV, radio channels and more, here you rather have greater control on content.

If you like travel content, please join Neha’s journey as she takes on the world! 

Born In Vacations will guide, inspire and connect travellers, across the world. Here’s just hoping you will like it and also find it useful while planning your exciting trips ahead, post pandemic of course! 

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