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Story of the Young Author- Yakshi Yash

Yakshi Yash
Young Writer Yakshi Yash

Teenage is all about finding oneself and delving into the fun part of life. However, some people choose to step out of the box and create something beyond the dynamics of age. Yakshi is one of those people who never let her age define her. She built herself to a stature with her maturity and creativity that it now earns her glory.


18-year-old Yakshi Yash is a celebrated writer across the world. Hailing from Roorkee, Uttarakhand, she began writing verses and stories at a very young age. Usually, this is the age when teenagers enjoy life to its fullest, focus on academics, and have a whole lot of fun. Yakshi did all that but while following her heart along the line. Passionate about writing, she dedicated a large period of her time in writing verses and stories. Once satisfied with her work, she compiled her collection of stories and made her debut as a novelist with her book ‘Aarzoo Teri Hain’.


Her first ever published book was well-received by the readers all over the country and abroad. The pleasantly intriguing writing fashion of a young yet mature mind lured them in. It has been quite a treat for the readers to understand what depth a youngster can hold. With the release of her book, she has added to her already long list of achievements. She has been acknowledged by platforms such as Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, Gaana, Anchor FM, Radio Public, Google Podcast, Pocketcast, among many more.


Apart from this, she has also been interested in sports and creative fields. She is a district level Kabaddi player and well-trained in Yoga. Her family, too, has been keen on supporting her through her dreams and making her a good human being over anything else. Her father is a doctor and mother is a teacher- both instilling the best values in Yakshi and her brother Yashaswi. She completed her primary and secondary education from St. John’s Middle School, Roorkee. She went on to get her intermediate education from Deoghar Gurjar Kanya Vidya Mandir, Haryana. Currently, she is currently pursuing her graduation.


Remarkably efficient in writing, Yakshi is capable of writing on any given topic at any given time- a skill not even the best writers possess. With eyes full of dreams and a soul full of talent, this young girl has made a mark on the world. Soon she will become a household name and touch the lives of many.

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