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Step By Step Procedure To Buy A Property In Dubai

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and high standard living which can make anyone feel like a king or queen living there. One can find different types of splendid and spacious villas, townhouses, bungalows and apartments in Dubai which can be purchased by local residents or foreign nationals. There are numerous Dubai houses for sale which are available in ready to shift condition.

One can even find fully furnished newly constructed houses which can fulfill their desire to buy a home in the most popular city of the world. However, buying a property or a home can be an intimidating task for first timers who are unaware of the procedure necessary to buy a property in Dubai. There is a simple step by step procedure which can help an individual buy a house in Dubai. Moreover, with the change in Dubai housing sector rules and norms the process to buy a property has become all the more efficient and easy. This procedure of followed by heart can help in making the whole buying process hassle free and smooth:

  1. Understanding the property type needs and availability of the same:

The first step involves understanding the property type which one wants to buy and can afford depending upon his/her financial status. There are various types of houses which one can easily find in Dubai like Villa, bungalows, apartments and even condos which are available with different amenities and facilities. People generally prefer to stay at luxurious villas located within secure compounds.

  1. Look for properties with the help of agents and online property portals in Dubai:

The best way to find a suitable home in Dubai is through an online property search portal which can make the whole process of searching and even buying very easy. Nowadays every type of property and dealer has an online presence which provides an opportunity to search for exclusive properties and homes which are otherwise not known.

  1. Fulfilling eligibility and financial criteria:

Customers who are resident of Dubai or resident of foreign countries must fulfill the eligibility criteria like possession of requisite documents and paperwork like passport, Visa and residential permit. Frequent property investors and buyers must possess property holders Visa which as a norm by UAE government helps them to buy and sell property in Dubai.

  1. Identification of the cost of purchasing the property and type of property to be bought:

Customers must identify the full cost of purchasing a house in Dubai. Moreover, the customers must also identify the type of property which is being bought i.e leasehold or mortgage properties. Customers must identify the best procedure/method which can fulfill their needs. They must be aware of the procedure to buy a property through mortgage or purchasing a leasehold property. Selecting the best method requires thorough knowledge of all the procedures and one can take the help of online property portals or property consultants in Dubai.

  1. At last, customers must go through the step of fulfillment of sales deed and submission of transfer deeds by the buyer and seller to the certified authorities or at dedicated developer’s office.

One can search for their favorite Dubai houses for sale through these steps. Apart from all the steps, negotiation and understanding of local laws are key points to remember to buy a property in Dubai.

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