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Star Personal-Shopper Rachel Choy Stresses on Building a ‘Personal Brand

Ever wondered why that outfit that looked ‘amazing’ at the store does not look quite as alluring once home? Does the idea of shopping fill you with dread? Inducing visions of trying on one too many outfits and then ‘settling’ for one just to make up for all the time spent lost? It certainly does not have to be that way. After all, there are now professionals who can take one look at you and pick out a rack full of clothes to flatter your body type, height, skin tone and make you feel like a million bucks!

Mother of two, Rachel Choy, has been doing just that. She is a fashion influencer who is gaining steady popularity in the field of personal shopping by helping people make the right fashion choices.

Helping people look their best

With a bachelor’s degree in fashion technology and after having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, Rachel Choy set out on a mission. The mission was simple – to make people look good and feel great. After gaining experience with influential brands like Hugo Boss, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Avenue, she realized she had a gift. Although her job profile never included styling customers, she often did so and managed to make them leave with big smiles on their faces. She says, “I am very passionate about fashion, and I love to help people look their best.”

Minimizing returns & disappointment

When asked about her decision to become a full-time personal shopper, she replied, “Experimenting with clothes is never really a good idea. A lot of time is wasted in returning the wrong clothes. A personal shopper helps eliminate these issues forever.” Rachel has helped numerous lives change for the better through her knowledge of fashion that she acquired over the years. She regularly posts her achievements on her Instagram account, which has over 200k followers. Currently, she holds the position of a personal shopper for one of the biggest luxury stores in the country, Neiman Marcus.

Style goes beyond labels

Rachel makes a fascinating point when it comes to fashion. “Many fashionistas stick to big brands. There could be various reasons for it.” However, Rachel urges people to create their style without any labels. “Create your style, build your personal brand, and let others follow you.”

Karishhma Mago is a former investment banker turned digital marketer. She has been in the digital marketing industry for over 6 years and has worked with clients across different sectors including Volkswagen Finance, Natera, Reliance, Standard Chartered amongst others. She has also done special content projects for Facebook. Karishhma is also a Wikipedia editor and has created over 300 pages for her clients. After founding Facilius Inc in 2014, she has helped grow the company from a two-person team to a dynamic team of 30 people.


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