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Social media Influencer Afreen Parveen a youth brand ambassador and law student by profession

Afreen Parveen is born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. She is 18 a young student born on December 29 / 2001 and professionally a law student from ICFAI University and also a campus ambassador Mun and a youth ambassador Icce residing in Hyderabad.

Afreen Parveen is also a dance instructor by her passion originally she has been trained as a model, social media influencer and video digital creator apart from these she also has huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram and a sort of happily known and likable face at social media handles, being a Model she has also done an effort in maintaining her studies as a law student and has keen interest in learning and also in acting, Afreen Parveen wants to become an actor and a ravishing young model , she has also made mimic videos of Telugu songs, Afreen Parveen relishes south Indian Telugu songs verily and also she has made some interesting picture snaps of her, an eligible bachelor of law has a strong source to impact in film Industry as well, Today many Youth leaders, and brand ambassadors like Afreen Parveen are rapidly moving towards creating a self identity, apart from these the young girl Afreen is also a travel enthusiast and passionate in learning newness as for today many youth are showing a kind of similar attributes in making an identity, whether it may be a Blogger a content creator, video creator, or digital media Influencer, Afreen Parveen is also one of those young Influencer, as we know today Age is not worthy anymore as one use to say that he/she older and better knows than you, the days are gone now the Era of these young generation has made an impact on people by self awareness and letting them know that Age Factor is just a number by all means, talents can come from anywhere or any place, it doesn’t matter where you born what you lived, it only matters how much efforts you made in making yourself and what constant you have practiced it and today the aspiring, inspiring youth like Afreen Parveen has made it come true, the mixed tenets of livelihood have become a source of common practice in elder people till now while the young perform better and best in making in these Era or Compatible self defending generation we call is truly and sensibly known by all means.

Afreen Parveen a young social media Influencer is already has become a part of these know and hoping to be on dazzling heights with all colorful efforts made in her life and I cannot say a hardcore practitioner for something to achieve, Afreen Parveen is like Happy welcome practitioner as what goes on comes around.

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