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Sneha Jain is the latest literary sensation


At the moment of time, Sneha Jain is m a 20 year old author and writer from the City of Karnal , Haryana.She is  presently pursuing B.A English Honours. She aims to be a successful writer.

As she has been an inquisitive person since infancy, creativity  ,in all aspects has been her power.Throughout her  school life, She has  been taunted and had been left out based on her  looks or knowledge. Until her secondary boards,She was of no opinion to write . As the boards led her anxiety over the roof, She decided to self introspect and be known to her capability. She realised her  passion for reading and writing.

She launched my first book “THE VISIONARY LIGHTS FROM A DARK MIND” at the age of nineteen, in August 2020.

The book contains some poems , composed by her ,  easily relatable and readable poetries, all about the real world with a hint of imagination.Her second book is an e-book –“She -The Withered Flower “, which shows women empowerment through poems . It depicts that The human flower, a female, gets withered completely in this harsh life but then, the little sunshine of respect makes her bloom back. The female is compared to a flower , because she is as elegant as a flower is .

Her both of the books are available on amazon, globally.

She is also a co-author in 10 anthologies , an E-magazine .

Sneha believes that The awareness and reality that her writings spread, motivates her to write. People have started to realise and support her by reciprocating.

According to her, The criticism is the biggest challenge for every writer. People may criticise out of jealousy or genuine concern, either way it is a challenge to take criticism sportingly.

Her biggest achievement is self-confidence and realization of self- worth.

She has attained a better understanding of self , the needs and the wants.

She feels that writing has gained her respect in the society as during the school life , she was usually left out and lonely.

Sneha Jain is shining like a bright star and making her state – HARYANA proud.

She is recipient of the following awards:-

World Record as “ASPIRING AUTHOR 2021” by Bravo International Book of Records.

“The Future Star-Best Debut Author 2021” by Cherrybook  Awards

“Writer’s Ink Awardee 2021” by Applause Awards,

“Best Writer Of the Year Award -The Opus Talent Awards 2021” by Opus Coliseum ,


“Alpha Talent Awards2021 ” by The Alpha Talent Awards 2021.

“Top 100 Women Icon2021” by the Foxclues India Prime Awards.

“Tagore Commemorative” by Ne8x.

“Kalam Ratna Award 2021 “ by Kalam Foundation.

“Asia Top 100 Influential Women of India2021” by Timescrown.

“Bharatiya Youth Icon Award 2021.”.

“Feminarc award 2021” by Awardsarc.

She wants  to be a successful author ,spread reality and motivate the female gender throughout.

One can find her on instagram – @sneha.jain25

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