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Skin Confidence Is An Achievable Goal When Using Zoe Bee

I had the chance to have a quick chat with Zoe Johnson who is the founder of Zoe Bee Beauty, to discuss the first time she felt successful. Here is what she had to say:

When was the first time you tasted success Zoe?

After my thousandth order. With many repeat customers I felt so blessed because people trusted in what do.

That’s a big milestone to hit, congratulations! Why do you want to be successful and what’s your ultimate vision of success for yourself?

Helping others gain confidence in their skin is what drives me. I’m so excited to see how fast the business is growing. I’m able to do what I love working from home and spend time with my children.

Any last tips for readers?

Keep your skincare regime as natural and simple as possible and your skin will thrive. I love witch hazel water as a toner, the oil cleansing method and Indian Aztec healing clay for keeping skin clear. I offer lots of skincare advice over on my website.


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