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Shubhra Paul Banker on a journey to explore amazing cuisine of India


Food and travel are blossoming these days with online media and the approach of digitalisation that has turned into a significant hit among food lovers. Much to our dismay about impacting a couple of years back however as the longing for voyaging flooded with the fast worldwide innovative progressions, environmental change and different elements food and travel affecting started changing. Famous food and travel influencer Shubhra Paul banker with her superb way to deal with food and travel makes it much more conspicuous with her perceivability on Instagram.

Shubhra Paul is in a hurry and by visiting the most lovely puts on earth Shubhra endeavors to have a social effect and find out with regards to the numerous subtleties of culture all through the world. As a movement and food forces to be reckoned with, Shubhra has made specialty networks of supporters on Instagram who are enthusiastic with regards to encounters. She gives keen substance to her local area of supporters in regards to the various foods and various diners from all edges of India. This, thusly, allows the explorers an opportunity to visit another objective seeing the example of neighborhood and local foods from better places she visits.

Shubhra’s new travel to Gujarat was to some degree distinctive loaded up with experience that gave her the embodiment of the spot and the neighborhood foods permitted her to taste the way of life of that spot. With joint effort with Gujarat the travel industry, amazing India and India the travel industry Mumbai, service of the travel industry Shubhra’s visit to the lively place that is known for Gujarat took her crowd through her visit of Rann Utsav, Rann of Kutch, white Rann and makeshift camp dorado. Her Gujarat visit covered numerous legacy puts and attempted numerous vivid Gujrati dishes and savored the culinary joys from the place that is known for Gandhi.
She feasted at Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad that is gladly worked on a graveyard. Known for its famous menu, extensive eating and furthermore uncovered tombstones the tables at Lucky Restaurants are set up around. It is said that eating within the sight of the dead is best of luck and Shubhra investigated this experience lounging around and making the dead her supper buddies. Legend and prestigious craftsman MF Hussain has additionally been an ordinary client at Lucky café. Peculiar yet delightful! Other than this Shubhra extended her wings of going to the spots like Rani ki Vav and legacy stroll in Ahmedabad that let her observer and experience the energetic living society of the state with an extraordinary look into 600 years of history. Shubhra had liked the social advancement and history of the space.

Shubhra Paul Banker is a well known travel and food blogger that has made a tempest via online media with a brief look into her innovative posts and intriguing reels about food, travel and way of life. Already she had partaken in the assortment of food sources all over the province of Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Her Instagram profile – @gastronomicjournal with over100k adherents gives a knowledge into every one of the delights of food and mix of her movement and way of life.

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