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Shreemayee Chattopadhyay:The skeptical blogger

A writer has the immense power to transform the world,from unfurling large societal issues to building empires of imagination, they can bring kairotic movement in the society by the power of their pen.
And it’s an icing on the cake,when a teacher becomes the voice of the nation,Shreemayee Chattopadhyay,the 51 year old scholar from Kolkata has now stepped into the modern world of web writing and with her vast knowledge and experience, she is simply ruling over the web.
Her blogs are in itself,a true reflection of her experiences and always have touchy out of the world thing.Her enigmatic flair of extracting best things from everywhere enriches her blogs in an extraordinary way.
Since her very childhood, she always wanted to express her feelings,her mindset via her pen and now she is living her dream with each day converting little sparks into conflagration.
And a very frequent question to the writers by audience is what if nothing is coming to your mind and you are not able to come up with some bingeworthy content????
But Shreemayee has a brilliant answer to them,just keep your mind relax and leave it for some time,go at your favourite restaurants, chill at Netflix and start again with a fresh mind.
Always fascinated from the glamour industry, her blogs helps us to know about the present trends,beauty tips and other personality developing tricks.
And with such talent she is no longer going to be remain underrated and soon she is going to shine all over the web. Not at the local levels she always wanted to represent our nation with her magnificent writings and soon she is going to make it. Being consistent and reliable with the content one is creating were always the success mantras of Shreemayee.
She has collaborated with many established brands and her blogs are always full of decent content rather than posting blogs recklessly for commercial purposes.Money was never point of concern for her,following her passion for internal happiness always motivated her to come up with extraordinary projects.
She is a very humble person who loves to connect with people and is always open to new suggestions and ideas.With their amazing efforts she has transformed the whole world to a large family and one can easily become the member of her family by connecting @shreemayee4.
But all this is just a little teaser and she is ready with some mind blowing projects.

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