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Shashk Tiwari -A young entrepreneur from Lucknow

Shashk Tiwari has said one thing that if you work on one earning source and your skills in your youth, then you can never go hungry and you can never be short of money because if you You must be already working on your skills and have become an expert in it, then you can sell it because whatever your expertise is, it definitely sells, its example is that if you can find out the relation of anyone on Instagram. Even then, you can get a job in any company, you can get a job for Influencer Marketing, for this it means that you have to make only one skill and get expertise in it and you have to build your earning source from it. And if you do this at a young age, then these things will be of great use to you in the future.


And Shashk Tiwari has said one more thing that in today’s era, social media is a very good way for us to earn money and to make you wiser and in today’s era, all young people use it but all People run it only to message each other and follow their favorite celebertires but our young generation does not know how to use it properly and even if it comes, they do not implant it and leave it after 2 days. There is a shortage but if we use it properly then we can build a business and we can earn lakhs of rupees from it, but in this you will not get money immediately but if you keep doing it continuously then you will earn good money from it in the long term. You can earn so much money from this that you will not need to do any job.



Shashk Tiwari is an Entrepreneur and Blogger who lives in Lucknow and is also a Musical Artist and he has many songs. Shashk Tiwari says that Entrepreneurship is my passion and music is my interest, and his music available in Spotify and YouTube music and also he verified on his platform.


Shashk Tiwari is just 16 years old, he was born on 22 August 2006 in Ambala Military Hospital, Haryana and his early studies took place in Saraswati Sisu Vidya Mandir, Sultanpur and his higher education was done in Jai Narayan Inter College, Lucknow and his Father’s name is Jai Prakash Tiwari and his mother’s name is Nisha Tiwari.


His blogging journey had started in 2018 itself, then he started a blog and YouTube channel named Technical Shashank and used to put this tech related videos on this channel but due to impact in his studies he left it then he started in 2018. By 2020, he has achieved expertise in SEO and has run many blogs and many of his blogs have been successful and he has earned money from his blog.


Talking about Shashk Tiwari  music journey, he started his music journey in January 2021 and he released his first music The Masters on 5 May 2021 on all music platforms and since then he has realse a total of 25 songs. And it is still available on all music platforms as well as verified on all music platforms


Tips For Youngster by Shashk Tiwari –

  1. Meditate Daily
  2. Build a Healthy Routine
  3. Exercise Daily
  4. Less Use of Social Media
  5. Read a Book
  6. Build a Skill
  7. Build a Earning Source
  8. Use Your Skill and Grow Up and Earn Money


Conclusion –

These are some Tips that will help us grow you and make us a big brand on upcoming days. These are Learning from Real Experiences through Shashk Tiwari Freelance Carrier and Blogging Carrier. Remember that it is Possible to apply these things in your Life Plan and Carrier, and the result will be worth it.

Shashk Tiwari is a Lucknow- Based Blogger Musician or Author and Founder of Many Blogs He Has started blogging at the young age of 14, He Learned a seo and become a seo expert in young age.

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