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Shania Mistry – A Proactive Entrepreneur

Who Is Shania Mistry?

Shania Mistry is a Baroda based serial entrepreneur. She stepped into the field of business while she was just eighteen and has started and bootstrapped three successful businesses ever since. She is a young, confident and charismatic visionary who has an impeccable ability to create her business using her passion and skill sets. She does not only follow her instincts but she knows exactly how to analyse the present scenario and opportunities and when to take calculated risks.

Journey Of A Pro-active Entrepreneur.

Shania says that business is something that has always attracted her and she always had a vision for herself to become a successful entrepreneur and be an inspiration for other women who want to pursue their career in business and entrepreneurship which led her to start her first business, “Dates and More” ever since, she was eighteen followed by her event management business called, “The Bloombox India”. She has served many clients and has planned and managed many high-profile events across India including a recent baby-shower event of Hardik Pandya and Natasha Stankovic which was followed by welcoming baby home event. She believes that management-skills are in her genes as her father is a seasoned entrepreneur and runs an Industrial Construction business. Here, it is interesting to note that even Shania Mistry’s father started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age of nineteen.

“House Of Shania”, The Next Thing In Her Box.

The most amazing thing an entrepreneur can do is to use her skills, attributes and passion to build a brand which is beyond a business, a personal extension that helps customers with same needs and mindset to connect and it creates a kind of movement which becomes the foundation of a monumental success. “House Of Shania” is going to be a go-to brand for women when it comes to cosmetics needs. Why? Because Shania herself is a certified makeup artist and she has a great knowledge in this field as she has grown up doing all DIY’s for skin care and took great care of her skin and health. And looking at her personality, you will find that it is quite evident that this field is made exactly for her.

Overcoming Hurdles During This Journey.

Every successful person have their own ups and downs and Shania is no exception. She met a fatal accident in 2016 right after starting her first venture. But she says with a charismatic smile on her face, “Look, no matter where and when you start, you might get knocked down but not giving up on your dreams is the key. No matter how cliché it sounds, but this is the reality.” She gives the credit of her success to her hard work and her team who took care of her business during the hard times.

She is really inspirational and soon, We are sure she will become a role-model for women who aspire to become a successful entrepreneur. We wish Shania all the greatest luck for her upcoming venture.

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