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Shane Skaar & Talson Stangler Are Spreading Positivity With Their Brand Streignth

Shane Skaar grew up with a rare chest condition that would lead to struggles with bullying and low self-esteem. After getting the opportunity to have surgery to correct his condition, Shane became motivated to create the best version of himself as possible, mentally and physically.  Shane would go on to start working out and dedicating himself to self-improvement through fitness. As he started to build Streignth, he put a focus on motivating others to become the greatest versions of themselves physically and mentally in the same way that he improved himself after his surgery.

Building Streignth

Building a successful business is something many people hope to one day achieve. In the case of Shane Skaar and his co-founder Talston Stangler, they’ve done just that. However, not only have they built a successful brand, but they’ve built their business with a positive message at its foundation.

Shane and Talston have created a clothing brand called Streignth Sportswear. While many find the clothing industry to be too competitive to break into, Shane and his team have broken right through. Backed by an inspiring story and a message of positivity, the brand has already become a popular choice in the city it’s headquartered in, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Growth of the Brand

The brand has begun to grow steadily in popularity across the Midwest, and shows no signs of stopping. Shane told us that he has seen orders come in from all 50 states. With orders coming in from all parts of the nation, there’s talks of starting international commerce as well. Shane hopes to reach as many people as possible and build a community through the brand’s positive message.

Spreading Positivity

Shane tells us that the most rewarding thing about running his business is seeing people endorse his brand and the brand’s message is by far the most rewarding part of his job. He hopes to continue making a positive impact on those who come into contact with Streignth. As Shane continues to grow his brand, he plans to publish content on YouTube packed with tips, tricks, workouts, behind-the-scenes, and more in hopes to motivate and entertain his community. Without a doubt, the Streignth brand will continue to grow in the coming years.

Contact Information

You can find Shane on Instagram here:

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You can find the Streignth Instagram page here:

You can find the Streignth YouTube channel here:


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